11.11 single day promotions from Gearbest

Double 11.11 finally come!!!! It’s the Singles day in China, and Gearbest want to make singles happy, offering great delas, coupons, promotions and games to win great prizes. It’s a very big promotion, probably bigger than Amazon Prime Day!

If you are an online shopper and love to buy from World Wide Web, the coming 11.11 sale by Gearbest would be something you haven’t experienced yet on any other online shopping platform. One thing that I guarantee you is the prices will fall quicker than the falling leaves of a tree.

Main promotion

I would like to let you know about the timings of this amazing sale of this year. It will begin on the November 1 and you can enroll yourself in it from the same day. Well, the biggest thing about this sale is it will entertain you too. Seems strange! Actually, there are games which you can enjoy simply to get the discount on your most desired product.

Game validity

You can simply play games and can get discount coupons. For this, you need to log in to your Gearbest account. It must be noted that every customer will be given 3 chances to grab the gift box. You can get one additional chance in case you really don’t mind sharing the information with others on social media platforms. The below picture provide accurate information on this topic.

Gearbest has already announced that they are going to cover a diverse array of products and the discounts will be huge.

Because Gearbest has always taken care of their fans, there are going to cover some of the best products under this sale. You can buy smartphones, notebooks, watches, appeals, furniture, and products in several other categories easily.

In this sale, for any order which will exceed $60, you can get one add-on just for $1.11 and for any product exceeding the $99, you can get one add-on just for $11.11. You can share your order on the social media platforms and can win have a chance to get your order totally free of cost. The lucky winner would be announced every day.

How to Play The Game?

Play game for gifts &coupons! (11/1-11/13)

  1. Log in your GB account first to play the game
  2. Each customer has 3 free chances to grab the gift box\
  3. Share to one of the following channel to get one more free chance each day!


Luck squared game(11/1-11/20)


Lucky Bags

  1. Save with each Lucky Bag: The contents are worth far more than the cost.
  2. More for Less: Get one or more gifts inside each bag!
  3. A surprise in every Bag: You cannot see your Lucky Gift until you open your bag!
  4. All Lucky Bags are non-refundable.

Other promotions and links:

Main promotion

Go to the main page, you will find coupons, lucky games, promotions

Main promotion

Sale storm game

1. Click your Lucky Box to win cool gadgets or coupons.

2. Each customer has 3 FREE chances to click the boxes each day.

3. Share to one of the follwing channels to get one more free chance each day.

(get 1 chance each channel, up to 5 more free times each day)

4. GAME TIME: NOV 1 @09:00 UTC-NOV 13 @02:00 UTC.

Game page

New buyers only page

These promotions are reserved only for new customers

New customers promotions

Global flagship launch special

Global flagship launch special for many chinese brands like Vernee Mars,Khadas VIM2 PRO,Haier XShuai T370,Teclast Master T10,LEAGOO KIICAA MIX,Xiaomi Notebook Air,etc.

Global flagship

Xiaomi special Collection page

Many deals for the famous brand Xiaomi

Xiaomi special

Coupon Collection page

Loads of coupons for smartphones, laptops, action cams etc.

Coupon collection


Many deals for european customers from european warehouse, like Elephone P8 for 209.99$….

EU warehouse


Many deals for european customers from european warehouse, like Creality3D CR for just 359.99$….

US warehouse


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