3 fidget spinners review: wich one is the best?

We received in few days from DressLily 3 different fidget spinner to test and review.

Fidget spinners are increasingly being recognized as simple, low-cost anxiety and stress reduction tools. Fidget spinners and toys provide an unobtrusive outlet and energy release. EDC (everyday carry) spinners may also help increase calm, focus, and attention.

Many people have found fidget spinners help them stop habits that annoy themselves as well as others. Fidget spinner toys and other EDC (everyday carry) items are designed to distract or occupy the mind, preventing fidgeting and/or maladies such as ADD, ADHD, smoking, nail biting, pencil taping. The best fidget spinner is one that meets the needs of many and fulfill a much-needed market, regardless if the model is synthetic or wood, or a DIY design, or an elaborate high-end or budget-efficient low-end unit.

What people want is a fidget spinner that can spin for a long time, so now we will test 3 different finger spinners to see wich one can rotate more time.

Fidget spinners

Color Changing LED Lights Fidget Spinner

A focus toy with color changing flashing LED lights, with 4 different types of flashing.

Each LED light orb produces a continuously changing stream of light that spun.

Spin it instead of clicking a pen or flipping a lighter. Keep your hands busy and your mind clear. Perfect tool for relieving the effects of stress, ADD, ADHD, fidgeting. Easy to carry,fiddle with it anytime and anywhere.

A unique gift for your friends.

Available @ Lilydress

Hysada Colorful Finger Spinner

This fidget spinner has just 2 bars. It weights 90g and is made of metal, so is quite heavy and rotate for a lot of time, but it’s small and handy to make great evolutions.

The dual bar fidget spinner is very simple and compact. It serves as an excellent ADHD entry level fidget device, as well as one for those just beginning to learn about fidget toys. Dual bar spinners are EDC designs and are generally compact enough to fit in a pocket and take anywhere.

Dual bar fidget spinners have traditionally been made of fiberglass, wood, and plastics. Today manufacturers use 3D printing to make spinner designs and products.
The bearings of dual bar fidget spinners make them spin. Some of the highest quality ABEC-7 bearings are used. Typically, three bearings inside a piece of plastic or wood allow the user to spin the device multiple ways.

Educational and Essential Spinner Toy for kids:
This is a great hand spinner toy for focus, stress reduce, relief of anxiety, having fun, deep thoughts, inspiring creative minds, quitting bad habits like shaking leg, and biting nail or mouth and etc.

Smooth Edge:
Extra Smooth Surface Finish offers you wonderful and comfortable feel and no hurt your hands

Fancy Toy:
Spins it for hours with one hand or two hands. More game play, look forward to your discovery.

No repair, oil, maintainence needed, Use it right out of box. Please do not clean the bearing with water, alcohol. Please tighten the stainless cap if it is loosed.

No noise:
Light weight and silent design make sure that you can fidget with your spinner without annoying people around you when at the office or silent environment.

How to use:
Simply hold this spinner in one hand then use your other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely. It’ll take a little bit of practice to get some decent action going, but it’s super easy to be a skillful spinner

Available @ Lilydress

Gears Fingertip Fidget Spinner

This fidget spinner has 4 “arms”, and a gear form factor. It’s quite heavy, 127g, with a lot of hinertia that makes this fidget spin for a lot of time, at least 3 minutes. It’s very beautiful and nice to see, simulating an industrial gear (that can rotate!).

Available @ Lilydress



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