Backpack for DJI Phantom 3 Water resistant


Quadcopters are very delicate products. Correct transportation is a very important thing to do, or you can risk to damage some of its part, like propellers, motors, GPS, protection rings, or even electronic parts.

That’s why you should use a protective bag even if you just put the drone in the car and move to a field near your home.

This protection bag can hold firmly and carefully your drone, and is specifically designed for DJI Phantom 3 protecting it from any damage thanks to its foam. And it’s also water resistant!

The Backpack is a well-designed, multifunctional knapsack that gives you the freedom to take your Phantom anywhere, so that you can fly your quadcopter wherever and whenever. It has custom-built straps and padding to ensure that your Phantom stays safe during transport. It has space for the remote controller and also extra space that gives you the freedom to carry spare batteries and accessories. Its materials make it durable and light weight.

Main Features:
Charger slot with additional storage space for small loose items, prop wrench, and charger cables
Extra padded slot for items such as Micro – USB charger cables, transmitter batteries
High density foam: Superior aging resistance, superb mechanical strength, moisture resisting function, good flexibility, superb elasticity
Two latches with twist locks is mainly used for adhesive purposes, so the contents of the backpack will not spill out

Color: Black
Compatibility: For DJI Phantom 3
Dimension: Approximately 48 x 38 x 23cm
Net Weight: Approximately 3500g
Protecting your quadcopter from damage
Making outdoor activities more convenient

Get it on GearBest for 28$



Get it on GearBest for 28$


SpecificationsType: Backpack
Dimension and WeightPackage Weight: 3.60 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 48 x 38 x 23 cm / 18.86 x 14.93 x 9.04 inches
Package Size (L x W x H): 49 x 39 x 24 cm / 19.26 x 15.33 x 9.43 inches

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