EKEN H9 Ultra HD 4K Action Camera review

Heken H9 is absolutely one of the cheaper action cams in the market. It can register 4K @ 10fps, 2.7k @ 15fps and 1080p @ 60fps. The quality of Heken H9 videos is similar to SJ4000+, but this camera is cheaper and the 60fps are real. It has a back screen, so you can see what you are recording live, change settings, and playback your videos and pictures.

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FireFly 5s review

Firefly 6S is a new 4k very good action cam. But the older Firefly 5S is still a very good alternative, expecially for those who want a action camera to use it as a dashcam or for quadcopters.

FireFly 5s in fact is a very good action cam and can be used also as a dashcam, and thanks to the included AV-out cable is suitable out of the box for FPV systems for drones or quadcopters. Thanks to the Novatek 96655 imaging processor this camera is capable to record video at full HD 1080P video resolution at 30 fps.

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