Cheerson CX-10 review of the smallest quadcopter


The Cheerson CX-10 is the smallest quadcopter in the world, much smaller than a hand, and probably the cheapest, as it costs just 15$ at Gearbest. It is very tiny and looks cool! It has a compact form with a solid body and short propellers.

There are many models that have tried to dominate the Nano sized Quadcopter market but none have been as successful as this fabulous flying machine.

It’s a great gift for children or friends who are new to RC toys. It can do automatic 3D amazing flipping stunts.

It can fly indoor and outdoor. It has flexible propellers that won’t hurt. During the flight it’s really stable and precise.

It has really nice leds that flashes on each motor, 2 are blue and 2 are red, and they help you to keep the orientation or for night flying.

It comes in 4 colors, red, blue, green and pink.

It’s a quadcopter very good to learn the basics of flying a drone, as the risk to make damages is very low, and it is a cheap toy so even if you break it in a crash is not a big problem. In case you break one or more propeller you can just replace them.

It’s controlled by a 2.4GHz 4 channel wireless remote control quadcopter.

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Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for a stable flight.

Super bright LED light, suitable for night flight.

Features throw to fly and 360 degree eversion.

Comes with 3 speed modes, and can change speed automatically. To change mode press the left stick on the control. If you press the right stick it enters in Flip mode, and it starts beeping until you give the command to flip (turning to right the right stick).


It is powered by a piece of rechargeable 3.7V 100mAh lithium battery. The battery takes 15 minutes to charge and allows a flight of 4-8 minutes. It has a low voltage alarm: if the charge is low on the battery the leds light start flashing and it’s time to land and recharge.

It is pure enjoyment for adults and childrens! The $15 CX10 is easy to fly, and is perfect for beginners learning to fly a quadcopter. But set it to high rate mode and it becomes an extremely maneuverable flyer.

The ‘Yaw’ that changes the angle of the forward motion to left or right is affected by moving the throttle stick in the desired direction. The Yaw rate on this Nano Quadcopter is extremely good so the slightest movement on the stick will cause the Quadcopter to change direction. Always remember if you are starting out to always fly slow and fly low. You will have a few crashes but don’t worry this Drone despite its tiny size is extremely robust and durable and spare parts are inexpensive.

The transmitter batteries are 2 x 1.5V AAA Batteries. The Control Distance is about 40 meters.

This is an awesome Nano Quadcopter, it is very stable, performs insanely tight flips, has a fast yaw rate, the leds are great for night flying and it’s so cool I can’t get enough of it, TOTALLY AWESOME!

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Here are some nice video reviews of the Chherson CX-10 quadcopter:





GeneralBrand: Cheerson
Type: RC Quadcopter
Features: Radio Control
Functions: Forward/backward,Turn left/right,With light,360 degrees spin
Age: Above 14 years old
Material: Electronic Components,Plastic
SpecificationsRemote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Channel: 4-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Transmitter Power: 2 x 1.5V AAA battery (not included)
Helicopter Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Dimension and WeightPackage weight: 0.200 kg
Package size (L x W x H): 15.500 x 7.500 x 7.500 cm / 6.102 x 2.953 x 2.953 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x Copter, 1 x Remote Control, 4 x Fan Blades, 1 x User Manual, 1 x USB Cable

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