Children day: deals!


Gearbest, a reliable shop online, one of our preferred, where I personally bought many things, is making a promotion for the international Childrn’s day.

It will start from 31st May and is valid until 8th June.

First of all there’s a easy game: just break the eggs with your mouse and discover what discount you won! Maybe you will find something perfect for your children for a low price.


Nowadays kids are very smart and can use every technology we use. So a small tablet or an ebook reader could be perfect gift for your kids, they will learn, read, play, enjoy.

Or maybe you are too worried when you leave your kids playing in the park? So you can consider a smartwatch for kids with GPS + LBS + WiFi, three modes for positioning your kid wearing the watch. It features a SOS Emergency Button: Pressing SOS button, it will dial family numbers automatically. It also has a Phone Dialer: It can independently make / receive phone calls with its own SIM card. Extra Features: 3.0MP Camera, Pedometer, Alarm, Voice intercom etc. All of this for just 119$.


For kids of 12-16 years you could consider a RC drone or an action cam.

MJX X601H Hexacopter

This is a hexacopter drone with FPV camera, it means that you can see real time from the phone what the drone sees from the camera, from a first person perspective. The camera has a HD resolution of 720p.

It has a height hold function, so when the drone is flying more than 1 meter heigh, if you release the throttle stick the drone will keep hovering at the current height.

The “MJX H” APP has 2 modes: you can either use the RC to control the drone and watch on the phone real-time images , or you can control the drone directly from the mobile phone app in control mode.

It has a headless mode, when activated the drone keeps its direction so you can rotate it to film every side, while going straight.

There’s also a 360 degree rollover / 3D flip function that makes your aircraft turn around and around likes a excited bird.

With just one key you can activate the automatic return function, you can call back your copter quickly and safety.

It also supports VR glasses to improve your first person view experience (not included).

Get it for 71$

Xiaomi-Yi-actioncam-reviewNever miss a shot! Would it be a video or a picture, take always with you the top seller action cam Xiaomi Yi , and get it for just 67$, the best price you will find in the web! Read our Xiaomi Yi review here. This is probably the best budget action cam, we are indeed talking about a real gem sold at a very low price. Xiaomi enters the world of budget action cams, after taking a good share in the smartphone world offering quality devices at low price. This action cam records 2k 30fps or 1080p 60fps videos, with a very good quality, reaching GoPro 3+ quality, doing better than GoPro Hero, SJ4000 and 4000+ and SJ5000 +, its most direct competitors.

Get it for 69$


If you have smaller kids, you could buy them a Pokemon for just 1.99$! It’s a Pokemon ball model, with vivid appearance for cosplay game, made of high quality ABS material, excellent desktop decoration, great collection, a creative gift for a person fond of Pokemons.

Or you could check for a baby monitor camera, to have always your baby on control.

Teeth hygene is important, so why not buying an electri toothbrush with young design for just 11.99$?

You can also find a kids schoolbag with a shape of a dinosaur cartoon animal, and you know that all kids are in love with dinosaurs!


Chack also this last list, with many games, action figures, patterns for ice creams, thermometers, lights, like the light with the shape of tetris or a rotary star projector, for a magic night in your kids room.


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