DJI Phantom 4: Best price of the web!

As we all probably know, DJI released in march 2016 the new quadcopter drone Phantom 4 with a lot of wonderful features, like tap to fly, visual tracking, avoiding obstacles, sport mode and a lot more, that can allow to fly more safely or faster depending on your attitudes. This is more stable, more practicle, have a lot of new features than the phantom 3. And it’s a lot more expensive! It costs 1499$ in USA and 1599€ in Europe.

Here you have the occasion to save a lot of money!! Gearbest is selling it for 1199$ from the US warehouse, and 1334$ from CHINA warehouse !!! It’s the best occasion expecially for European customers, who can pay it 1150€ saving 450€ from the stores in Europe and for US customers that can save 400$!

Besides, american customers will receive it from USA warehouse, avoiding the risk of custom fees.

Get it for 1199$

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Phantom 4 Main Features:

Tap to fly
Just double tap and you’re up in the air while the new obstacle sensing system keeps your Phantom clear of objects in the way. With another tap, Smart Return Home brings it back.

Visual tracking
Active-Track makes tracking a moving subject as effortless as a few taps. Turn on Moving POI to circle around your subject as they move or reframe your shot by dragging the subject on screen. No band or beacon required.

Sport mode
In the new sport mode, the Phantom 4 provides best-in-class flight control. Combined with its magnesium core designed for increased agility, it brings you the ultimate thrill of speed. Maximum speed is increased by 25 percent while all positioning systems are kept on for a safer, better controlled flight.

Extended flight time
With the most advanced propulsion system, a streamlined body and a larger battery, the Phantom 4 achieves a 28 minute flight time. This is a 25 percent improvement over the already impressive Phantom 3.

Revolutionary materials and enhanced agility
The Phantom 4’s magnesium skeleton reduces weight while keeping stiffness at a maximum to minimize vibration. The new core design lifts the center of gravity closer to the Phantom 4’s heart, improving balance, making it more agile and impressively precise.

Multiple flight modes
Switching flight modes to meet your needs, whether you are looking for simplicity and intelligent navigation, speed or smooth cinematic movements is easy.

Sense and avoid
Front obstacle sensors combine with advanced computer vision and processing to give the Phantom active obstacle avoidance that allows it to react to and avoid obstacles in its path.

High performance camera
Shoot sharp, clean video in up to 4K at 30fps and Full HD 1080p at 120fps for slow motion, through a newly designed lens that dramatically increases sharpness.

Integrated gimbal
An advanced 3-axis gimbal takes out unwanted vibration and movement in-flight, enabling the camera to capture smooth and fluid footage even during complex maneuvers.

DJI GO APP is all you need to fly, create, share, and connect. Compatible with the Phantom series, Inspire series, Osmo and more.

Get it for 1199$

Get it for 1199$


GeneralType: Quadcopter
Brand: DJI
Features: 5.8G FPV,Controlled By Phone and Transmitter,Follow Me,GPS
Functions: Camera,Course Lock,Forward/backward,FPV,GPS location tracking,Home Lock,Hot Point Following,Hover,Orientation,Point of Interest,Sense and Avoid,Slow down,Speed up,Sport Mode,Tap to Fly,Turn left/right,Up/down,Visual Tracking,Waypoints,With light
Max Flying Height: 6000m ( Altitude )
Max Speed: 20m / s
Max Ascent Speed: 6m / s
Max Descent Speed: 4m / s
Hover Accuracy: Vertical: + / – 0.5m; Horizontal: + / – 1.5m
Night Flight: Yes
Material: Electronic Components,Metal,Plastic
Kit Types: RTF
Level: Advanced Level
ConnectivityRemote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control
Channel: 6-Channels
Mode: Mode 2 (Left Hand Throttle)
Control Distance: Above 800m
Detailed Control Distance: About 5000m
Transmitter Power: Built-in rechargeable battery
Model Power: Rechargeable Battery
BatteryBattery: 5350 mAh 15.2V LiPo 4S
Flying Time: About 28mins
Charging Time (h): About 3.5 hour
CameraCamera Pixels: 12 Mega
Video Resolution: Max to 4K
External Memory: Micro SD card up to 64GB (not included)
Dimension and WeightProduct weight: 1.380 kg
Package weight: 4.200 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 28.95 x 28.95 x 19.60 cm / 11.40 x 11.40 x 7.72 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 39.00 x 33.00 x 23.00 cm / 15.35 x 12.99 x 9.06 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x Drone, 1 x Transmitter, 1 x Monitor Holder, 8 x Propeller, 1 x Charger, 1 x Power Line, 2 x Cable, 1 x Propeller Bag, 4 x English Manual, 1 x Handbag, 1 x Camera, 1 x Battery

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