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Gearbest is one of the largest rc retailers in the world. Many of the products in their clearance activity – drones, quadcopters, rc cars – are at the lowest price you can find, probably the lowest price in the world. And in this right moment they have BIG PROMOTIONS on the RC drone, FPV equipment, RC cars, and action cams categories, and they’re for products in US, EU and CHINA wharehouses! Starting from April 4th to 11th!

They can provide the best prices, and shipping is often free worlwide. They basically ship from China, but the good news is that they have warehouses in Europe and in US, so you can buy from there with 2 advantages:

  • fast shipping, you can have your product in 3-6 days;
  • no risk of paying a commission to your local customs.

I personally bought many things from GearBest, and all the products were shipped within 24 hours from the order, and I received them in 3 days from the EU warehouse (located in the UK) and in a few days from the China warehouse. For example I bought the top seller drone Cheerson CX-20 and some spare part like the full body shell set and a motor that were accidentally damaged because of a crash during a flight.

So not just Gearbest can offer the best prices, but you can also find a lot of products that are very difficult to find else where and for cheap prices, like spare products for Cheerson CX-20 or for drones in general, or for RC cars.

And that’s not all! Fortunately for us, they make a lot of promotions, with a lot of deals in different categories. Now the best deals are for RC quadcopters, FPV Equipments, action cams and RC cars, so it would be a pity not to take advantage of this offers.

Get it on GearBest

Cheerson-cx-20-quadcopterFor example, they’re selling the Cheerson CX-20, a top seller drone, for just 197$! You can find it on amazon for at least 280-300$! We wrote about the CX-20 here, read our article before buying. Cheerson CX – 20 is a top seller GPS Auto Pathfinder Open-Source Flight Controller Quadcopter with many great features for a really good price.  It has GPS hold system and auto-return function. It can fly about 15 minutes and take about 350g weight thing. This means that you can install on it an action camera (80g), a gimbal (180-200g) and a FPV module for real time transmission (20g) for a great flying experience.

Get it on GearBest

These are some of the deals that you can find until April 11th:

Flash sale: some RC drone with the best prices you will find on the web, like the Cheerson CX-20, Walkera Runner 250 FPV, VR glasses, and the topseller action cams Gitup Git2 and Xiaomi Yi:

RC quadcopters and cars, small and nano drones with FPV capabilities, and some of the best RC cars, like FEYUE 03 Eagle and GPTOYS 9115:


FPV equipments, like FPV monitors, antennas, transmitters, gimbals, VR glasses:



The best action cameras for drones and sports at the best prices, like Git2, Xiaomi Yi, Firefly 6s, SJ5000X, SJ7000, Heken H9, Elephone Explorer 4K:



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