Easter deals @ Gearbest


Gearbest is a reliable online shop present in the market since 2014. I bought many things on Gearbest as it has the best prices and you can find many products that are not available elsewhere.

For 5 days during Easter they’re making great deals and flash sales. Don’t miss the opportunity to get big products at small prices!

Easter deals @ GearBest

Cheerson-cx-20-quadcopterFor example, they’re selling the Cheerson CX-20, a top seller drone, for just 185$! You can find it on amazon for at least 280-300$! We wrote about the CX-20 here, read our article before buying. Cheerson CX – 20 is a top seller GPS Auto Pathfinder Open-Source Flight Controller Quadcopter with many great features for a really good price.  It has GPS hold system and auto-return function. It can fly about 15 minutes and take about 350g weight thing. This means that you can install on it an action camera (80g), a gimbal (180-200g) and a FPV module for real time transmission (20g) for a great flying experience.

Walkera_runner_250_0You can also find the Walkera Runner 250 for just 164$! This is an incredible price! Read our review of walkera runner 250 here. Walkera Runner 250 is a nice quadcopter with brushless motors, made for racing flights or just for amusement. It is very fast and performing, so it’srecommended for quadcopters experts looking for speed and not for newbies. It weights 530g battery included and can fly up to 14 minutes. This drone is perfect for racing and not for newbies. This is a new type of amusement, and needs drones built for this purpose. Until now people who wanted racing drones had to build their own, so this segment was not for everyone.

Xiaomi-Yi-actioncam-reviewAlso the top seller action cam Xiaomi Yi is in offer, for just 68$, the best price you will find in the web! Read our Xiaomi Yi review here. This is probably the best budget action cam, we are indeed talking about a real gem sold at a very low price. Xiaomi enters the world of budget action cams, after taking a good share in the smartphone world offering quality devices at low price. As we will see in this review, this action cam records 2k 30fps or 1080p 60fps videos, with a very good quality, reaching GoPro 3+ quality, doing better than GoPro Hero, SJ4000 and 4000+ and SJ5000 +, its most direct competitors.

Easter deals @ GearBest

These are other great deals:



  Easter deals @ GearBest

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