Elephone Explorer Pro & action cams promo


Gearbest is making a lot of promotions in these months for action cams, RC cars and drones, gimbals and many accessories. In these days they have a great promotions for the new Elephone Explorer Pro, you can buy it for just 105.99$! Read our Elephone Explorer Pro review, action cam that can record 4k @ 24 videos, with Sony IMX117 sensor, Novatek 96660 chip, Gyro stabylizer, wifi and many other features.

You can also find the basic model, Elephone ELE Explorer, for just 63.99$.

Elephone_Promotion1 Elephone_Promotion2 Elephone_Promotion3

And many more deals! SJ5000X, a very similar model to Git2 and Elephone explorer with sony sensor and novatek 96660 is being sold for just 115.99$. You won’t find a better price on the web.


And talking about the best action cams, it’s impossible to miss the Gitup Git2 for just 104.99$- Sony IMX078, Novatek 96660, Gyro, Wifi, Remote controller – and the Xiaomi Yi for just 67.99$ – Ambarella Sensor, neutral colors, very good video and photo quality -. Eken H9 is one of the cheapest action cams, but still with a decent quality.


And don’t miss one of these deals, notice Firefly 6S and Amkov AMK7000S, two of the best action cams:


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