Elephone phones: P9000 and S3

In this article we will write about 2 top selling phones by Elephone: P9000 and S3, both 4G and performing phones for great prices if you get them from Everbuying.

Elephone P9000 review

Elephone P9000 is a 4G Phablet with a 5.5 inch FHD screen, Android 6.0, MTK6755 Octa Core 2.0GHz CPU, 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM, 8.0MP front camera + 13.0MP rear camera, Fingerprint, OTG. With this flash sale, until July 15 you can have it for just 189$ or 170€!

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In this video review of Elephone P9000 you will see a in depth video test with Unboxing, Specifications, Exterior, Display, OS experience, ID sensor, Benchmarks, Gaming, Camera & samples, Battery and Conclusions:

Elephone P9000 overview


Elephone P9000 features a MTK6755 Octa Core 2.0GHz CPU and 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM for super performances.

Helio P10 and 4GB RAM, Impressive Combination. Tons of applications can be installed with 4GB RAM. Unprecedented experience will be provided with the unbeatable Helio P10 64-bit Octa-Core SoC.

Flagship memory: 4GB RAM, the highest specification of mobile phones in nowadays, with super fast read and write rate, brings you a feeling of flying. 32GB storage space stores more and bears more.


P9000 features the narrowest and thinnest LG screen in 2016: Much stronger than many competitor’s screen.

It adopt the narrowest and thinnest LG screen in 2016 with LTPS material to provide more gorgeous color and clear images.

  • LTPS materials:Low power consumption & ultrathin
  • OGS technique: Higher sensitivity & more transparent

Although there is a very high cost of the advanced OGS technology which integrates protective glass and touch panel together, P9000 adheres to give you the best visual experience, that means the screen will be more transparent, higher sensitive and perfect display effect.


P9000 features a SONY 13MP Camera. Sensitive to low light, SONY IMX258 13Mega-Pixel CMOS sensor, F/2.0 large aperture and laser-aided auto focus feature guarantee extraordinary shoots effects with speedy shutter.

Keep your warmest memory: Equipped with SONY 13MP IMX258 sensor and double color temperature flashes, P9000 has a more excellent focusing ability without missing any detailed outline to let you get a good photo with rich color and clear details.

Slow-motion video: It is very interesting to take slow-motion video. P9000 will achieve your desire. 1080P slow motion photography will bring you into another wonderful world.


7075 aluminum alloy: Aircraft-grade metal materials

Elephone spared no expense when forging Xeon metal which is the same as Aircraft-grade metal material for P9000 only to bring user a better experience.

34 hours processing crafted, 220 CNC cutting processes. The excellent metal texture is derived from the every evenness. Each piece of the metal frame has gone through 34 hours processing crafted and 220 cutting processes although it is very complicated and uncommon in the industry with low qualified rate.


Elegant trimming: For having a more smooth and comfortable feel and wonderful shape, through running-in and testing a variety of different angles, finally we chose 33° highlight polished chamfer to ensure the visual sense of screen with narrow bezel more comfortable.


P9000’s visual thickness is only 6.9mm, to be with large capacity battery seems to be impossible, but we adopted the world’s leading battery compression technology and magically made the capacity of battery still be 3000mAh, just to meet your daily battery requirement.

PE+ quick charging: Take only 10mins to charge for 3-hour talking

Although having a high battery capacity 3000mAh, we are still unsatisfied. Quick charging technology is the best and the most reasonable solution for long standby. The safe and reliable PE+ quick charging technology which is a half shortened than common charging time.

Type-C USB interface

For the sake of you from details: Since Type – C, people don’t get troubles by inserting the cable for many times. P9000 keeps up with the pace of science and technology, uses the latest USB interface technology and provides great convenience in inserting the cable as well as guarantee the safety of charging and data transmission at the same time..

Fingerprint sensor

Using the fingerprint, to be fast is the most basic requirement.

Maybe you haven’t come over from black screen, it has been unlocked and waiting for your next step. To start the excellent interactive tour between you and your mobile phone, it’s just 0.3 seconds.

  • Privacy protection
  • Instant recognition

Extinguish screen unlock: Scanning your fingerprint on fingerprint reader unlocks and lights the phone immediately in the same time.

Fingerprint Applock: Perfect AppLock. it’s safer and easier to protect the applications you want with fingerprint.

Elephone S3

The new Elephone S3 is Pure Elegance thank to its unibody alluminum frame. It’s a 4G Smartphone with 5.2 inch Bezel-less 2.5D Arc Incell FHD Screen, MTK6753 64bit Octa Core 1.3GHz CPU, 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, 13MP Rear Camera, Fingerprint Sensor, dual sim.

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Elephone S3 Overview

  Promotion  Features

Elephone S3 Features


This phone features the new MT6753 64bit Octa Core 1.3GHz CPU, a powerful yet low power consuming processor. It mounts 3GB RAM and 16GB ROM, so enough ram and space for multitasking and to install many app.


S3 has a 5.2 inch screen completely bezel less, with a curve design. The drilling edge of side frame will give you the same holding feeling of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6.


Elephone S3 features a 13MP with Sony IMX135 sensor. It has high sensivity and less noise even with low light.

With beautiful-skin tech, S3 automaticlly adjusts light compensation intensity, thus enables you take better selfie, shinning your eyes, better refining your skin and showing your natural beauty.

Fingerprint sensor

All operation starts from here. E-touch combines the back, desktop slid, taking photo, video display and music display of a traditional android phone into one. Its versatility free you of the tedious steps in the past. Beside, we integrated the new fingerprint algorithm which let the fingerprint from Elephone S3 made a great progress in recognition seeped, recognition rate and security.


Elephone S3 supports dual-SIM card 4G network featuring 150Mbps. It can automatically switch between the two based on the net work available. 6- model and 18 frequency connectivity, more freedom for internet access.


Elephone S3’s metal frame is molded to perfection by a unique 209-step manufacturing procedure using a anodic oxidation coating and sand blasting on the surface, which increase the cost by 400%. The tough body shape goes through a rigorous process and the unexpected holding experience come from the solidified metal.

This time, Elephone S3 brings simon-pure bezel-less, no visual boundary and the most shocking experience will be given.

The most expansive horizon will subvert the limitation of industry screen width. Elephone S3 breaks the visual limit and creates an unprecedented bezel-less visual experience.

Quick charge

Elephone S3 is also equipped with a quick charge technology which improve 40% in charging speed. Not only that 30 minutes charged is enough for all day.

Android 6.0

Less power consuming, more optimization, security and privacy.


4 Colors, Each Outstanding

different color brings you different visual experience. Elephone provides you 4 classic colors to suits your style and cheer up your mood.

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