FEIYUE – 03 1:12 2.4G 4WD RC Off-road Car

Feiyue 03 eagle

This 1:12 buggy RC car is very cheapĀ  but has good quality and reaches incredible speeds of 40km/h. It is perfect to enter in the world of RC cars, even for kids from 8.

With this car you can drive in the asphalt, in the grass, sand, earth as you can see from the video below. But it’s perfect field are bumpy roads, like deserts, off-roads, beaches.

It’s very fast to switch from forward to backward direction. It has an incredible speed and stability even off road, can jump and bounce everywhere.

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Feiyue 03 eagle3

It has soft suspensions, can make great jumps and absorb the shock and terrain vibrations.

It has 4WD for perfect stability and to climb everywhere.

Nice soft BIG wheels allow you to go almost everywhere, and climb small sidewalks or obstacles.

It can reach a speed of 40km/h.

Main Features:

Full scale size: 1/12 size, portable and general for most fittings.

Truck design: Can be played on ground, grass land and sand land. With ball bearing and clutch overload protection: Makes control more safe and stable.

High speed motor: 390 level high speed motor with rear axle structure, the speed can reach 40km/h.

With independent shockproof system: It can prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively.

Independent suspension frame system: Effectively reduce the friction causing from the vibration.

Get it on GearBest for 59$

Feiyue 03 eagle2

Get it on GearBest for 59$

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