Ferrari scooters, skateboards and skating shoes for kids


Everybody would love to drive and own a Ferrari because it is a dream, a status-symbol, thanks to its elegance, class and freedom. Ferrari cars mean luxury and high speed. But we all know that Ferrari are really expensive. Recently Ferrari stepped into scooter industry, creating high velocity, practical and affordable Ferrari scooters, skateboards and skating shoes for kids . Although it’s not a sports car,  driving a Ferrari scooter or skate will be a luxury riding experience.

Gearbest is going to provide out customers 6 types of Ferrari scooters – FXA12, FXK20, FXK35, FXA45, FXA145, and FXA200-3. Even though their functions and designs are different, most of the manufacturing materials are the same: the high strength aluminum frame, high rebound wheels, ABEC bearings (FXA45 is ABEC-5, others are all ABEC-7), and foam handle. These materials ensure the safety while riding the scooters and provide a comfortable driving experience even if you take a long journey.

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These are just some examples of what you can find:

Inline skating shoes

There are a few major types of inline skates and inline skating disciplines that one can take part in. The most popular types of inline skating disciplines are fitness, recreation, aggressive, race or roller hockey.Recreation and fitness inline skating are done for fun or for exercise and will use the standard style recreational inline skates.
Main Features:

– Ferrari FK7 kids basic skating shoes
– Only for entertainment, not for professional performance
– Shell: High impact resistant PP material + PE
– Boot: PU leather, velvet lining
– Chassis: High impact resistant PP
– Wheel: Super high rebound PU wheels
– Bearing: ABEC-5 carbon steel
– Size 29-32 suitable for feet among 17.8-19.7mm
– Size 33-36 suitable for feet among 20.3-22.7cm
– Wheel size: 7.0 x 2.4cm, 7.2 x 2.4cm

55$ @ Gearbest

Coupon code: FerrariGB (-15%)

Ferrari FBW20 Double Rocker Skateboard

Learn to steer technology, learn to steer Ferrari skateboard. Enjoy the modern life! The double rocker skateboard is perfect for cruising down the boardwalk or street.

Main Features:
– 7-ply high-quality maple deck, anti-slip, moisture resistant and durable
– High-rebound PU wheel is wearable and has a great traction and control
– High-strength aluminum alloy trunks, rugged and lightweight
– ABEC – 7 chrome steel bearing
– A perfect gift for people who enjoy cruising down the boardwalk or street

45$ @ Gearbest

Coupon code: FerrariGB (-15%)

Sports Helmet

While practicing sports with kids, safety is important. Wearing an helmet is important while cycling, skating, skiing, so why not ride an elegant one with the ferrari logo?

Main Features:
– Material: PP, EPS, and nylon
– Ferrari 4 classical color design
– Strong and impact-resistant PP shell
– European impact and chemical test passed
– Adjustable size fits a wide range of people
– One size
– Head circumference: 50 – 62cm

45$ @ Gearbest

Coupon code: FerrariGB (-15%)

Ferrari Scooter

Learn to steer technology, learn to steer Ferrari Scooter. Enjoy the modern life!

Main Features:
– Take it to the entry level with this 2-wheel ferrari FXA12 stunt scooter for those who want to learn stunts about scooter or those who demand the special performance
– Aluminum T-tube, lightweight and durable
– Rubber handle grips for comfort
– High rebound PU wheels are wearable and reliable
– High-density carbon steel deck for reliable performance
– ABEC – 7 bearing
– Certification: EN14619

79$ @ Gearbest

Coupon code: FerrariGB (-15%)

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