Firefly 8S review

Firefly 8s overview

The Firefly 8S is the latest release among camcorders with the Sony IMX117 sensor and the Ambarella A12 chipset, which equip the best action cams of the moment, and this has given it a benefit, as designers have been able to improve their competitors’ defects and add features and functionalities.

In fact, in addition to having excellent video quality like direct competitors with the same hardware, as SJ7 Star, Thieye T5e and AN7000, the Firefly 8s has a gyroscope that allows a very good 6-axis stabilization without any reduction in the visual field, and also the ability to use an external microphone. The Firefly also has the bluetooth that allows it to be controlled by a remote control such as the Yi, and a convenient threaded hole on the bottom to easily attach it to a tripod. Compared to the SJ7 it only misses the touchscreen, but you can save 60 €.

This new 4K Action Cam has a very good hardware quality thanks to the Ambarella A12LS75 processor and the 12.4MP Sony IMX117 sensor that lets you record video in 4K at 30fps and 1080p @ 120fps. The quality is astonishing especially when compared to the price, overtaking the old generation of economic action cameras (SJ5000X, Firefly 7S, Git2), it also overtakes the new ones (SJ6 Legend), and it is practically at the Yi 4K level. Plus the stabilizer is more effective thanks to the presence of the gyroscope. A cam so amazing, at a really low price, with Ambarella chipset and gyroscope.

The battery has surprisingly a capacity of 1200mAh, so it has a higher capacity than direct competition, which allows it to gain a few minutes of recording, and to exceed one hour and a half of recording.

The field of view or FOV is 170°, then with a wide-angle fisheye, but there is also a version with FOV reduced to 90° to shoot photos and videos without distortion, but with less visual field.

Good cam in all aspects, the only negative we can find is the lack of touchscreen – certainly comfortable but not necessary – and a non-stereo sound, which is common to all economic action cams, but as mentioned it is possible to use an external microphone. If these things are unnecessary for you, and you only look at video, photo, and stabilizer quality, then this is really a great buy, especially considering the price. Among the many accessories supplied as standard, there are underwater case and a gopro hook-type frame to hook it to any gopro accessory.

At the current price of 106€ on Gearbest using the coupon F8SIT, the Firefly 8S comes in the price range of the AN7000 and the Thieye T5e, which have the same hardware and features. It also compete with the SJ6 Legend, the Firefly F6s and the Gitup Git2, but they are a step down, having Firefly 8s a much better video quality. Other competitors for the hardware are the SJ7 star and the Yi 4k, which cost nearly the double, have better design quality, better apps, touchscreen display but video quality is very similar to the Firefly 8S.

Firefly 8S FOV 170° AN7000 FOV 90°

Coupon Firefly 8s: F8SIT (Fov 170°) | F8S9IT (Fov 90°)

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Firefly 8s review

We will soon receive the cam and we will make our review.


Firefly 8S is a great heir to Firefly 6S and 7S. Excellent video quality, up to 4K at 30fps, excellent sharp, bright 12MP photos. Excellent 6-axis electronic stabilizer thanks to gyroscope and accelerometer. Good light change management, even under difficult conditions. Rear display, optional remote, external microphone and price put it to the top among the action cams around 100€/120$. The only lack is the touch screen.


  • Excellent hardware
  • Very good video quality, native 4K
  • Very good photo quality
  • Gyro for 6-axis stabilizer
  • Good exposition management
  • 2″ rear display
  • Can be controlled by a remote
  • wifi and bluetooth
  • external microphone

  • No touchscreen
  • Non-stereo audio

Firefly 8S FOV 170° AN7000 FOV 90°

Coupon Firefly 8s: F8SIT (Fov 170°) | F8S9IT (Fov 90°)


Firefly 8S features

As mentioned, the main features of the Firefly 8s are the presence of the Ambarella A12LS75 processor and the 12.4MP Sony IMX117 sensor that allow you to record video in 4K at 30fps and 1080p @ 120fps. There is a 2″ rear screen, Wifi, 6-axis Gyro stabilizer, 1200mAh battery and the ability to use an external microphone and a bluetooth remote control.


The Ambarella A12LS75 chipset and Sony IMX117 sensor equip many great action cam models, such as the AN7000 and the Thieye T5e and the SJ7 star. There is no doubt about the quality of the heart of this action cam.


In addition to the electronic stabilization of the Ambarella chip, the Firefly 8s is equipped with a gyroscope, which allows a 6-axis stabilization without cutting the edges of the video.


The battery has a capacity of 1200mAh, allowing to record 1h and 35mins, far more than the previous Firefly 6s and 7s, which reached a poor time, and the direct competitors AN7000 and Thieye T5e reaching 1h20m.


Underwater case and accessories

The cam is supplied with a diving case up to 30m and many accessories to use.

Wifi and App

The Firefly 8s is of course equipped with 2.4GHz Wifi. It is therefore possible to control it through App, which has been completely redesigned for this model and you can find it here.

External microphone

This cam supports micro USB external microphones. It is therefore possible to have a better sound and place the microphone out of the wind, for example on a motor bike windshield, for a clean sound.

RC remote control

The Firefly 8s also has bluetooth, so you can control it with a remote control. Apparently you can use that one from Yi but I have to check it out.


Firefly 8s is avilable in black and white.

Firefly 8S FOV 170° AN7000 FOV 90°

Coupon Firefly 8s: F8SIT (Fov 170°) | F8S9IT (Fov 90°)

4 Comments on “Firefly 8S review”

  1. Thanks for the review. I recently got the Firefly 8s, was wondering if it works with the Xiaomi Yi Bluetooth remote clicker?

  2. Hi.
    Thanks for this good review
    I have a Firefly 8S and I’m looking for a good external microphone (I already buy the Hawkeye cheap microphone for Firefly 8S).
    You said that’s the internal microphone is a non-stereo. Is It a big problem for the quality of the sound ?
    Do I have to use a special adaptor (for mono mic ?), a mono microphone ? What’s happen if I can use stereo mic ?

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