Gearbest 2nd anniversary: BIG DEALS!


Gearbest is a reliable online shop present in the market since 2014. I bought many things on Gearbest as it has the best prices and you can find many products that are not available elsewhere.

For 3 days – 21-23rd March – they’re making great deals and flash sales for their second birthday. Don’t miss the opportunity to get big products at small prices!

Join the EPIC GEARBEST 2ndANNIVERSARY PARTY. Get the Best Gear at the Lowest Ever Prices!!

For this extra special event Gearbest has partnered with two global giants, PayPal and Intel, to offer 5 Delicious Birthday Treats to their customers:

Treat #1: Special GearBest Diet with Top Product Prices Slimmed Down

Treat #2: Buy Powerhouse Tech with Intel Inside + Exclusive discounts!

Treat #3: Awesome Cake Picking Game: Win $400 or Xiaomi Cell Phone.

Treat #4: Get up to an EXTRA 5% OFF with their Special PayPal Discount

Treat #5: Tons of Hot Brand Promos+ Cool Category Deals

Gearbest will ensure promo products are in stock and shipped ASAP. OTheir party kicks off on Mar 21 @ 17:00 (UTC). Join them and find out which killer products have got the lowest prices, and add them to your cart in advance! Gearbest always gives more than you expect!


Here is some example of the best deals:





But it’s not just that! They also made a game to make you earn points to have big discounts in your orders!

1. Each customer can pick up to 3 pieces of cake; the first 3 attempts are FREE. Each cake piece may contain either 5, 15, 25, 30, 1,000 or 20,000 GB Points OR an awesome XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 3 Phablet.
2. If you want to pick 3 more cake pieces, you need to spend an extra 20 GB Points. Every additional 20 Points spent gives you 3 more chances.
3. Please note: GB Points can be used to redeem up to 30% of the final item value.
4. Important: ALL remaining GB points obtained in 2015 will be reset to zero on March 30, 2016. So please use your remaining points AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
5. Lucky customers who win the XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 3 will receive a unique product coupon. You can claim your prize by paying just $0.01 after applying the coupon. View all your coupons here.
6. Be fast: this game will run from Mar 18(0:00 UTC) to Mar 24 (23:59 UTC).

treat4_01PLUS there is a Special Paypal Discount in their Celebration Day.
Below are the discounts applied:
Your Order      Discount
over 50$               2% off
over 100$             3% off
over 150$             5% off
Your order must be paid by Paypal(not include payment by E-wallet).
So you get big deals plus a discount up to 5%.

In the RC category there are a lot of BIG DEALS, here some example:

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