GitUp Git2 Review: 4k action camera


Gitup Git2 Review

In the world of action cam there have been many releases in late 2015 and early 2016, some of which have earned a position in our ranking of the best action cam of 2016, while others were not considered for the poor video performance. This Gitup Git2 is a revelation between the new releases and earns an honorable mention among budget action cams, so likely to steal the show from the queen of this market segment in 2015, Xiaomi Yi. And all of this for just $139, price often discounted to $104.99 using the discount code GitUp2 (or GBconsumer11) after putting the Git2 into the shopping cart at Gearbest, or 109$ at Banggood using coupon code Gitup.

The Git2 has a high quality 16mpx Sony Exmor IMX206 image sensor – the same mounted on Xiaomi Yi -, its image processor is Novatek 96660 and it has a Gyro stabilizer that allows you to create more stable video – also present on both SJ5000X and Firefly 6S. Other features are the motion detection which detects whether the cam is in motion and allows you to start or stop to automatically make the recording, and the G-sensor that detects accidents and stop deleting videos in cycling records (for dashcam use). It records at the maximum resolution of 2880 x 2160 @ 24fps or interpolated 4K (3880×2160), as well as many other resolutions, including 2K 30fps and 1080p at 60fps.

Gearbest: coupon code Gitup2 or GBCONSUMER11 Banggood: coupon code c58cff 104$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£

Coupon code for Git2 at Gearbest:  Gitup2 or GBCONSUMER11

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Let’s immediately analyze the pros and cons of this Action Cam:


  • Value for money, you won’t find anything better for this price
  • LCD 1.5″ back screen, useful to frame the scene, play videos, and easily change settings without the need for a phone and an app
  • Video quality very good, both day and shady situations, even though we are talking about an action cam, with its limits in typical night scenes
  • RAW format for pictures, you can choose to take 16MP pictures in JPG and/or RAW, typical of SLR cameras, less compressed and allows better post production
  • Gyro Stabilizer, It allows you to record stable videos, almost essential for sports shooting and for those with unsteady hands. This stabilizer is the best we tried, just after Sony AS200v.
  • Audio quality, the best in this category, almost reaching GoPro’s and Sony’s quality
  • Possibility to use an external microphone, as well as good sound quality, you can connect a mini-USB microphone to his side door and record high-quality sounds
  • Very frequent firmware updates, the user does not feel abandoned but perceives that there is attention to their needs. In the last firmware update eg. were added the ISO and shutter speed manual adjustment, options found only in much more expensive action cams
  • Many options and manual settings, as mentioned above there are many options and manual adjustments, as the ISO from 50 to 1600, the shutter time (shutter speed) from 1/30s to 60 seconds, loop recording, G-sensor and so on.
  • Wrist Remote Control, optional for just 14$, It allows you to record video and take pictures easily even when the cam is not reachable by hand, as when mounted on a headband or behind the bike.
  • Measures and buttons position identical to Gopro, you can then use all the gopro accessories, original and aftermarket, including cases and gimbals (personally tested).
  • You can use it as a Dash Cam, thanks to the G-Sensor, the motion detection function, car mode auto start, loop recording, and the accessories included in the Pro Pack.


  • There’s no dedicated App. Gitup promised to develop it but still there is no trace. For now you can use the app Finalcam or FN cam.
  • Underwater case makes the sound muffled, but you can use the gopro 60m case for a better performance.

Gearbest: coupon code Gitup2 Banggood: coupon code c58cff 104$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£

Coupon code for Git2 at Gearbest:  Gitup2 or GBCONSUMER11

Here’s an example of how the Gyro stabilizer works. In this video the Gitup Git2 is mounted on the handlebar, imagine how it would be without the gyro!

Gitup Git2 Features

Image sensor

Gitup Git2 has a Sony Exmor IMX206 sensor, the same of the Xiaomi Yi. Being a Sony Exmor sensor it has an undoubtedly quality, and it allows to take 16mpx pictures, higher resolution than Gopro 4, which takes 12mpx pictures. The Git2 record interpolated videos up to 4k.

基本 RGB


Git2 has a Novatek 96660 chip, the same of SJ5000X and Firefly 6S. SJ5000+ and Xiaomi Yi has the Ambarella A7LS chip.


The Git2 use glass lenses , up to 170° in wide format, 120° in Narrow format. It’s possible to record videos with a field of view of 170 degrees, typical of action cams, which, however, suffers from many distortions due to barrel or fisheye effect, or with a more reduced 120 degrees visual field that cuts a part of the edges reducing the frame, but looks less distorted and more “straight” and realistic.

Resolutions and video format

2160P HD video: 2880 x 2160; 24fps;
1440P HD video: 2560 x 1440; 30fps;
1296P HD video: 2304 x 1296; 30fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 60fps;
1080P HD video: 1920 x 1080; 30fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 120fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 60fps;
720P HD video: 1280 x 720; 30fps;
WVGA video: 848 x 480; 30fps;
VGA: 648 x 480; 240fps

The Git2 records in .mp4 format using the H.264 encoder.

Photographic Formats

Git2 take pictures with the following risolutions:

16MP(4608*3456),12MP (4032*3024),8MP (3264*2448),5MP (2592*1944),3MP (2048*1536)

It can shot timelapse with the following intervals:

2 sec. / 5 sec. / 10 sec. / 30 sec. / 60 sec. /

You can manually set the shutter speed with this options:

1/30 Sec. / 2 Sec. / 5 Sec. / 10 Sec. / 15 Sec. / 20 Sec. / 30 Sec / 1 Min.

Git2 at Gearbest


The Git2 has a good quality internal microphone , monoural that records in stereo. It’s the best among budget cameras, like Firefly 6s and Xiaomi Yi, much better than the SJ5000X. Not as good as Sony or Gopro, but quite near. Surely audio is one of the points in favor of Git2. It’s also possible to connect an external mini-usb microphone for axcellent audio, very useful for example in a motorbike, putting the microphone behind the windshield can avoid the annoying wind noise.

Git2-external-microphone External mic for 6$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£


Gitup Git2 has a back LCD 1,5″ screen. The screen is very useful in many situations, to choose the right shot of a photo or video, to playback videos and eventually delete them, to easily change settings. Always better to have it and keep it off to save battery, than not having it at all. Lately I’ve done various video test with different action cams, and I realized that it is a very useful tool in contrast to what I thought at the beginning. Of course, if you put the cam on the helmet it is unnecessary, but if you use it on vacation to shoot pictures and videos to your family or monuments it becomes almost essential, even under water to see if we are framing the fish that is passing in front of us.


This action cam has the wifi to wireless connect to a phone via the app (use the app Finalcam or FN Cam, as Gitup App is not ready yet), and you can also use the wrist remote controller, very useful in many situations, such as skiing or mountain biking, when the cam is mounted on the headband, and is difficult to access manually and is difficult to use the phone with the app.

On the side of the cam you will find a micro HDMI to playback videos on TV or external monitor, and a miniUSB to recharge the cam or connect an external microphone.


Git2 records on micro SD cards up to 64GB. Read our article about the best micro sd cards. We suggest the 32GB Samsung Evo.

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 41mm ; weight: 64g (154g with waterproof case).

It’s the same size as the GoPro , in addition to the exact same arrangement of buttons, so you can use all the gopro accessories on this action cam , including cases and gimbals.


It uses 950 mAh, and you can also use SJCAM batteries.

Recording of a 1080p 60fps video the cam can reach 1h30m of activity.

Batteries for 3.66$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£

Included accessories

In the Pro pack there’s a waterproof case and many accessories, included a handlebar mount for bikes, adhesive mounts and many mounts and joints. Quite a complete pack.

You can also buy this optional accessories: external microphone and wrist remote controller.

Ext. Microphone Wrist remote


Special Options

G-Sensor: the cam starts recording when it detects movement;
Gyro Image Stabilization: an electronic solution that eiminates vibrations and shaky movements for stable videos.


Quick start recording is a function that allows you to start recording a video just pressing once the Rec button, even if the cam is Off. If you keep pressing it for 2 seconds, it turns on the cam and startsshooting pictures in burst mode.


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You can find it for 139$ at Gearbest, but often you can use a coupon code and get it for just 104.99$. The coupon code is GitUp2 and you have to use it after putting it in the shopping cart.

Gearbest is an affordable shop, I personally bought many things there, including the Gitup Git2 and the Cheerson CX-20 Drone.

Gearbest: coupon code GBCONSUMER11 Banggood: coupon code c58cff 104$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£

Coupon code for Git2 at Gearbest:  Gitup2 or GBCONSUMER11


Gitup Git1 was a really good action cam, with many options and manual settings and a very good video quality. The new Git2 has a very good photographic sensor, the same mounted on the Xiaomi Yi that we know is a very good cam. And the Git2 has a LCD monitor, a Gyro stabilizer, many dashcam functions, a lot of fotografic functions like White balance and shutter speed, all for just 104.99$. And the Gyro stabilizer is something you won’t miss to use once you try it! All sports video (bike, motorbike, running, skiing, etc) are really something different (and better) when the gyro is on!

Comparing it to the Xiaomi Yi, you would spend:

Xiaomi Yi 70€
+ waterproof case 15€
+ accessories kit 16€
+ LCD monitor 30€

for a  total of 131€, while Git2 costs 104$ and has everything listed above, and it offers a Gyro sensor, G-Sensor, better audio and the possibility to use an ext. mic.

This is why we think this is the best budget action cam of 2016.

Firefly 6S is also a very good action cam, with an excellent video quality, but it doesn’t have screen, audio quality is not as good as git2, and has many function less than Git2.

Xiaomi Yi and Amkov 7000s are good alternatives.SJ5000X has a really poor audio quality and video quality is not always good, depending on light conditions colors are too greenish.

Gearbest: coupon code GitUp2 104$ Banggood: coupon code c58cff 104$ Amazon US for 139-149$ Amazon UK 105£

Coupon code for Git2 at Gearbest:  Gitup2 or GBCONSUMER11

Video tests

Watch this comparative video test: Gitup Git2 vs Xiaomi Yi vs Firefly 6S vs SJ5000X:

Take a look at this video in 2k resolution.

This is a very useful video review of Gitup Git2:

In the next future we’ll provide some video test of Git2 analyzing:

Gyro stabilizer

Photographic quality

Night scenes

Write down your opinions and questions in the comments below!

18 Comments on “GitUp Git2 Review: 4k action camera”

  1. Nice. Is it possible to get a red filter for the underwater case? For diving in tropical water. Is the case the same as a gopro hero 3, 4 or 4+?

    1. The case is differente, but you can buy a case for gopro 3+ or 4 and use it for the Git2 (it fits perfectly)

  2. You could indicate a monopod (link) to GitUp Git2 camera? I not found in Aliexpress, Gearbest, Banggood etc.

  3. You said “Measures and buttons position identical to Gopro, you can then use all the gopro accessories, original and aftermarket, including cases and gimbals ” so the monopod GoPro serves in GitUp Git2? If so, in which GoPro? Any of them?

    1. Hello, i will receive it today and test it in the weekend. I heard it’s really good, probably better than Git2, but need to test to be sure

  4. Can you let us know if the SJ6 is the same size as a GOPRO4. Interested in getting the SJ6 and a gimbal, but am concerned regarding the fit.

  5. Hey , a good and detailed review. I am using the Gitup Git2 Camera .. everything is so perfect in the camera, However the footage is little yellowish. I am using the default settings, 1080P@60, Gyro on, WDR off. ISO Auto, Color profile Normal. Please let me know, if you know about any setting that I need to take care or any setting is incorrect in my cam. or even my camera is a faulty one.


    1. Hi, this is normal for git2, you can correct the colors in post production, maybe in the future they will correct it in firmware updates.

  6. Looking at several camera review I can’t seem to find a better camera with the same stabilisation/gyro quality as the Git2. Yes many camera today have updated chips and true 4K but all of these look shaken once in action. Do you know of a more recently produced camera that uses the same stabilisation technology as Git but offers a better picture quality and at similar price?
    Also did Git create a dedicated app yet for video viewing/editing?


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