Great sales @ Everbuying for the 8th anniversary

It’s the 8th anniversary of Everbuying, a affordable retailer shop for electronics, smartphones, action cameras, gadgets. For this occasion they’re making a lot of great offers and deals, including flash sales, prizes and promotions in the smartphones, tablet and action cam categories.

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Daily deals

From May 9 to 14 you can find many deals, like the smartphone Oukitel C2 with Android 5.1, 3G, Quadcore, 1GB Ram for just 35€! Or the Infocus M560 with Android 5.1, 4G, FullHD screen for just 86€.


Prizes for everyone

Everbuying prepared prizes for everyone! 100% CHANCE! This is how to get YOUR prizes:
1.  Sign in to Everbuying to collect a Shining Star EACH day starting on May 9 @ 09:00 UTC.
2.  When you collect THREE STARS, you will have a chance to win your Special Shining prize on May 15 (09:00 UTC) to 16 (09:00 UTC). DON’T MISS OUT!
3. Don’t worry if you miss some stars. From May 15 (09:00 UTC) to 16 (08:59 UTC), you can submit ONE order number that was paid successfully between May 9 (09:00 UTC) to May 16 (08:59 UTC) to get ONE shining star. Submit your order number here.
4.  Please sign in at the RIGHT TIME each day to get a Shining Star! For example: the First Star can ONLY be collected from May 9 (09:00 UTC) to 10 (08:59 UTC)!
5.  Lucky customers who win the prize (except EB points) will receive a unique product coupon. You can claim your prize by paying just $0.01 after applying the coupon. View all your coupons here.
6.  All rights reserved by


Top Cellphones

a lot of deals in the smartphone categories.

  • UMI Touch for 131$: Android 6, 5.5″ screen, Gorilla Glass 3. We reviewd it here.
  • Elephone P9000 for 201€, 5.5″ screen, Android 6, 4G, Octa Core 2.0GHZ
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro for 196€, 5.5″, Android 5.1, 4G

Top Tablets

A lot of deals for tablets starting from 70€



Would you try a smartwatch? This is the time! Get yours, choose with Heart rate, for the design, for swimming. Many choices starting from 21€


Consumer electronics

Earphones, diving masks, dashcams and action cams, including the top sellers Xiaomi Yi, Soocoo C30 and Firefly 6S.

Xiaomi-Yi-actioncam-reviewFor example the top seller action cam Xiaomi Yi is in offer, for just 61€ Read our Xiaomi Yi review here. This is probably the best budget action cam for 60€, we are indeed talking about a real gem sold at a very low price. Xiaomi enters the world of budget action cams, after taking a good share in the smartphone world offering quality devices at low price. As we will see in this review, this action cam records 2k 30fps or 1080p 60fps videos, with a very good quality, reaching GoPro 3+ quality, doing better than GoPro Hero, SJ4000 and 4000+ and SJ5000 +, its most direct competitors.


But there are a lot of many more deals, Home & Garden category, temperature sensors, electronic shavers, smart wifi home kits, quartz watches, camping backpack and a lot more.

See al the deals

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