LCD screen for Xiaomi Yi


In the Xiaomi Yi review we talked about a kit for this action cam with a LCD display, a 2400mAh battery set and a new waterproof case. Now we’ll talk about this kit, cointaining some more accessories, that you can find on gearbest for 17$, or get the kit with lcd screen + 2400mAh battery + extended waterproof case + mounts for just 37$ at gearbest.

Acquistalo su Gearbest

Take a look at this video to see how the lcd screen works:

The display is a 1.5″ TFT-LCD with 262.000 colors. It is not touchscreen, it just allows to watch live what you are recording or shooting at. No more videos with your subject out of frame.

To use it you have to update the firmware of camera using the app, and then open AV-out function through the app to use the LCD display.

This LCD screen for Xiaomi Yi is made by Pannovo and can be seamlessly installed into the back of the camera. This is very useful for people not used to action cams, or people using it as a normal video camera, on a trip or taking pictures. Not so usefull during sports, but in that case you can use the battery pack!


Get just the LCD screen Get the kit on Gearbest  Get the Battery + Extended Case

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