Mini USB Microphone for GitUp Git1 / Git2 / GoPro Hero 3+ / 4 Action Camera


All GoPros come with a built-in mono microphone. While it does a serviceable job, if audio is important to the video footage you’re shooting you’ll probably want to use an external mic to get much improved sound quality.

There are many action cameras out there that can be used with an external microphone.


Using a good external microphone can increase significantly the audio of your videos. If you’re looking to improve the sound quality of your GoPro or Git2 videos, using an external mic will make a big difference.

It can be used for interviews, to record the ambient audio or whatever. It is a lavalier mic, it is small, designed to be hands-free, and comes with a clip to attach to clothing.


This mini USB microphone can be used with GitUp Git1 or Git2, with some Gopro model like Hero 3+ and Hero 4 , and other action cameras that support an external miniusb microphone (see your camera specifications).


It’s cable is 1.9m long, so very long and can be used in many ways, for instance you can put it on your motorcycle in a position protected by the wind or near the engine, and the cam in a different position. Or you can use it for interviews. With this clip you can put it on your clothes.


Get it on GearBest for 5.99$

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