Original Xiaomi Yi Bluetooth Selfie Camera Monopod Stick with Remote Controller 4.1


Xiaomi Yi is one of the best budget action cameras. It is a 2k cam with a very good video quality and decent photo quality, with a Sony sensor and a Ambarella chip.

It has great features, wifi and even bluetooth. So you can use your phone to command the cam, but sometimes it is not possible, or it is difficult, like when you’re skiing, or climbing or using a selfie stick. That’s when a tiny remote is useful.

In this case we are talking about the original Xiaomi Bluetooth selfi stick + remote from Xiaomi Yi sports camera.

As I said before, Xiaomi Yi has also Bluetooth, so we can use a Bluetooth remote to control the camera. Bluetooth is much less power consuming then Wifi, so you can leave it on while using the remote.

Only need one time match, no complicated procedures, and then it’s paired to the cam for ever.

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There’s just 2 buttons, so it’s really easy to use.

With one button you can select Picture or video, with the other one you can shoot a photo or start/stop recording a video.

A small led indicates if the cam is recording or shooting a picture.


You can control the cam up to 10m away.

It has an excellent battery life, up to one year long during standby.


The selfie stick is made of Aluminium alloy, it’s weight is 183g and it’s Load-bearing is 20kg. It has a really good quality, one of the best selfie stick or monopod out there.





You must upgrade the firmware of Xiaomi Yi sports camera to V1.1.0 or above to use the remote.

Click here for English user manual for the remote control.

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