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Gearbest is one of the largest rc retailers in the world. Many of the products in their clearance activity – drones, quadcopters, rc cars – are at the lowest price you can find, probably the lowest price in the world. And in this right moment they have BIG PROMOTIONS on the RC drone and cars categories, and they’re for products in US, EU and CHINA wharehouses!

They can provide the best prices, and shipping is often free worlwide. They basically ship from China, but the good news is that they have warehouses in Europe and in US, so you can buy from there with 2 advantages:

  • fast shipping, you can have your product in 3-6 days;
  • no risk of paying a commission to your local customs.

I personally bought many things from GearBest, and all the products were shipped within 24 hours from the order, and I received them in 3 days from the EU warehouse (located in the UK) and in a few days from the China warehouse. For example I bought the top seller drone Cheerson CX-20 and some spare part like the full body shell set and a motor that were accidentally damaged because of a crash during a flight.

So not just Gearbest can offer the best prices, but you can also find a lot of products that are very difficult to find else where and for cheap prices, like spare products for Cheerson CX-20 or for drones in general, or for RC cars.

And that’s not all! Fortunately for us, they make a lot of promotions, with a lot of deals in different categories. Now the best deals are for RC quadcopters and RC cars, so it would be a pity not to take advantage of this offers.

See RC Deals on GearBest

EU Wharehouse promotions

If you live in Europe you can’t miss this opportunity to get a lot of RC drones or cars at big discount prices, sent from the european wharehouse without any custom cost and with a short shipping time. Let’s see some exaample.

Walkera Runner 250 upgraded quadcopter


Walkera Runner 250 is a nice quadcopter with brushless motors.

It weights  530g battery included and can fly up to 14 minutes.

This is the upgraded version with these features:
• Double Antenna Receiver
• Tall Mushroom Antenna
• 2500KV Motor Set

The basic package costs just 189.99$ from the EU wharehouse.

This drone is perfect for racing and not for newbies. This is a new type of amusement, and needs drones built for this purpose. Until now people who wanted racing drones had to build their own, so this segment was not for everyone. With this drone everybody can enjoy a race, even in FPV buying the more expensive FPV version.

This model is suited for flyers who have a decent amount of experience with smaller models and at the very least are comfortable flying in angle (self leveling) mode.  While it can certainly carry a small (Mobius, RunCam) video camera, this is NOT a camera drone.  These drones typically trade off flight time and ease of use for speed and performance.  It does not have a GPS, thus will  not hover in place without constant adjustment from the operator.  In short, this is not for an absolute beginner.  Despite their small size these drones are fast and powerful, and can be a handful to fly for somebody with little to no flight experience.  This model is targeted toward somebody who has some flying experience under his belt, is interested in racing or proximity FPV, and is looking for something that’s ready to fly.


Udi U27 quadcopter


Udi U27 is a really small quadcopter, it’s not really a drone but a very funny flying toy.

It can fly indoors and outdoors, and can be controlled even by children, as it has a really simple controller similar to a consolle one.

It can do amazing maneuvers including a really funny loop totally utomated just pressing a button.

This quad is super durable and flies well. It’s got headless mode that works very good and it FLY’S UPSIDE DOWN!. Very cool to see the quad flying normally and all of the sudden do a 180 flip to invert and fly upside down.

2.4GHz remote control for easy operation ensures the stronger anti-interference flight and powerful signal.

Guarantee utmost flight stability in the air: go forward / backward, up and down, turn left / right and even bring amazing 180-degree CW / CCW rotation, showing excellent fly experience.

6 Axis Gyro: built-in 6 axis Gyro flight control system, 3D lock, more scheduled flight, operating more to the force.

High / low speed mode to meet your different flying demands: designed with High / low speed mode switch, gaining the unique flight entertainment as long as you wanna.

Get it on GearBest for 28$


US Warehouse

If you live in the US there are 2 warehouses: NYC and LA. Buy from the nearest for you!

Syma X8C Venture New Package

Syma_X8c_ventureWe already reviewed the really good Syma X8C quadcopter and this is the Venture New Package.

It has a HD camera that allows you to take pictures and record videos.

It has headless mode function, when active the drone goes straight and you can rotate it framing what you prefer.

The 6-axis system allows the quad to be hand launched. 6-Axis gyro quad-rotorcraft flight, strong stability, can easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control.

2.4 technology adopted for anti-interference, even more than one quadcopter is flying at the same time they will not interfere with each other.

The quadcopter can fly both indoor and outdoor. Including 4CH digital proportional RC system.

The X8C was designed purely as a toy-grade quadcopter that is aimed at beginners who are looking for a more basic and affordable solution to premium consumer drones.

Get it on GearBest for 67$

Yizhan Tarantula X6

Tarantula_X6Yizhan Tarantula X6 is one of the bestseller drones in the world.

310g in weight, the quadcopter is suitable for all level hobbyists. On account of all-in-one design, entry-level can have access to quite idealized aerial photography. As for skillful pilots, you can save much time for installation as well as adjustment.

It has a 1080p 5.0MP HD camera, wide angle 120 degree

With hyper IOC function, equivalent to the headless mode described before. Outstanding orientation mode can start and fly any orientation, thus no need to worry about losing in the orientation when it flies far away.

It’s flight is very stable no matter how clumsy you handle your controller, very good maneuverability under moderate wind, great line of sight visibility and most of all it has very punchy throttle.

YiZhan X6 features strong stability which enables it to implement all kinds of flights. Normal flight like rising, descending, turning left and right, moving forward and backward are reached with ease. Besides, the quadcopter is capable of some aerobatics like continuous rolling, 360º rotating. Adopting flight controller system with 6-axis gyro, it can automatically correct the attitude when flying into wrong direction by accident.

Get it on GearBest for 96$

China warehouse

Products shipped from the China stock are sent worlwide. You won’t usually pay any additional fee, but the shipping takes longer (15-20 days). Usually in this warehouse you can find the best deals. Some example:

FS - 53810 RC car

FS - 53810_RC_CarFS – 53810 RC car is a great deal! It’s 80% off right now, you pay 84$ instead of 450$ regular price.

1/10 size, portable and general for most fittings.

Can be played on ground, grass land and sand land.

Orbicular structure makes direction change more flexible and smooth.

With tansparent sealed cover, dustproof, sand-proof and can check up gear at any time.

With independent shockproof system, it can prevent damages caused by the vibration effectively.

Independent suspension frame system, effectively reduce the friction causing from the vibration.

High speed to 40 – 50km / h, less time and more fun.

Brush electric with brush motors and brush electronic speed control.

Length: 430mm
Width: 340mm
Height: 240mm
Wheelbase: 270mm
The Diameter: 130mm
Age range: >8 years old
Power: Motor
Brush motor: RC550

Get it on GearBest

Cheerson CX - 10

cx-10It is the smaller quadcopter in the world and probably the cheapest, as it costs just 15$.

It’s a great gift for children or friends who are new to RC toys. It can do automatic 3D amazing flipping stunts.

It can fly indoor and outdoor. It has flexible propellers that won’t hurt.

2.4GHz 4 channel wireless remote control quadcopter.

Built-in 6 axis gyroscope for a stable flight.

Super bright LED light, suitable for night flight.

Features throw to fly and 360 degree eversion.

Comes with 3 speed modes, and can change speed automatically.

Low voltage alarm.

It is pure enjoyment for adults and childrens!

Get it on GearBest

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