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Sricam Security Camera Wireless

Sricam SP009 review

We already talked about a security cam, the Xiaomi Yi Night Vision. Today we’ll analyze the Sricam SP009, another nice Wifi CCTV Security Cam with motion detection, that is even cheaper, you can buy it for just 23$ from

This camera can be used as a security cam or as a baby monitor, or to control anything you like wherever you position it. It has wifi, and can connect to your Wifi lan, so after an easy setup you can connect to the cam using the dedicated APcam app on a cell phone or a tablet, or even a computer, and you can see live what’s happening in front of the camera via wifi.

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Sricam Security Camera Wireless2

If you have more than one Sricam in your home, using the app you can connect simultaneously to all of them, so you can put one in the living room, one in the kitchen, one in the bedroom and control all just with one app in the same time.

As I mentioned before, it has a Motion Detection function, so when you activate it, if something or someone moves in front of the camera, it starts recording and sends an email to a preset address. You can hide your camera and go out safely, because if someone enters in your home you’ll get an alert, then you can connect to your camera, observe the situation and in case call the police.

Sricam Security Camera Wireless3

Even when you’re outside, you can see what’s happening inside your home connecting to the Sricam Camera with just a phone or a tablet, and the APcam App. Put the camera into your children’s bedroom and control them playing or sleeping, put it into the living room to control if your grandma is ok, or to see if someone enters into your home when you are out.

You can use this IP camera as baby monitor, you can control your children even in a dark room, as it have Automatic IR LED illumination for night vision. Just position the camera in front of them, open the App and connect to the camera, you can check every time you want what they’re doing.

It records 720p @ 25fps videos, with wide aperture lens for large field of view, in a microsd card, for future playbacks of pictures and videos. You can also take pictures or videos from your phone, using the app, and it will record them directly in your phone.

It can connect to your Wifi Network, without a PC. You can do that easily just using the APP on your phone. Then you can access to the camera even when you’re not home using Android or Ios device, or even a computer.

You can register videos on a micro SD card up to 128GB. Videos use the standard H.264 video compression algorithm, and have a resolution of 720p@25fps.

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Sricam Security Camera Wireless4

Setting up the Sricam SP009

The setup of Sricam IP camera is very easy, just follow this videotutorial:

  1. Plugin your camera to power network.
  2. Download the Sricam App from Google Play or Ios App Store, or use the QR code on the box to download it.
  3. Open the App and register a new account for the App, and then login using your new subscription data.
  4. Click on Add new device, insert a name for the camera, the Device ID, that you can find on the lable of the camand a Password of your choice.
  5. Press Reset button on the camera for more than 10 seconds and wait until it bips continously, then click Next.
  6. Input your Wifi password to connect the camera to your network.
  7. Change the Admin Password, if you wish.
  8. Click on the Icon of the new installed cam and watch live what it is framing.

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Let’s see all features this IP camera offers:

It can connect to your Wifi Network, without a PC. You can do that easily just using the APP on your phone.
Smart Link: Network setup with WiFi, unplug the Ethernet cable. All setup are via Phone APP ( APCam ).
Support micro SD card up to 128G for video and picture storage (SD Card is not included.)
Standard H.264 video compression algorithm to satisfy the transmission of high definition video.
Support P2P (point to point) technology, the IP Camera can be linked through the internet without any complicated port mapping.
1.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor, maximum image resolution is up to 1280 x 720, 25fps.
Integrated ONVIF standard, compatible with third-party ONVIF platform software.
Supports monitoring via computer, iPhone, and Android smartphones
Automatic IR LED illumination for night vision.
Build-in WiFi module, support 820.11b/g/n.
Support motion detection, send alarm information by Email.
Mobile view allows you to realize remote view and recording anywhere and anytime.

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GeneralBrand: Sricam
Model: SP009
Shape: Mini Camera
Technical Feature : Infrared
Special function: Night Vision
Specification of Power Supply: DC 5V /1A
IP camera performance : Support video control,Motion Detection,Night Vision
NetworkProtocol: P2P,ONVIF
Wireless: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Online Visitor (Max.): 10 people for LAN, 5 people for WAN
Web Browser: IE
Safety: WEP, WPA, WPA2 encryption
System and Hardware InfoMobile Access: Android,IOS
Motion Alarm : Yes
Alarm Notice: Email Photo
DDNS (free): Yes
Operating system: Linux
Microcomputer Processor: Embedded Linux OS
Pan/Tilt-Vertical Angle (degree) : 70 degrees
Local-storage: TF / Micro SD card up to 128GB
Others: Phone App “APCam”
Video Image AudioVideo Compression Format: H.264
Sensor: CMOS
Sensor size (inch): 1/3.6
Pixels: 1MP
Video Standard: PAL,NTSC
Frame Rate (FPS): 25 fps
Resolution: 320 x 180,640 x 360,1280 x 720
Backlight Compensation: Yes
White Balance: Yes
Minimum Illumination: 0.1 Lux / F1.2 ( With IR Illuminator )
Infrared Sensitivity: Yes
Audio Compression Mode: G.711
Audio Input: Built-in mic.
Audio Output: External speaker
Night VisionInfrared LED: Yes
Physical EnvironmentEnvironment: Indoor
Operate Temperature (℃): 0 – 55 Deg
Working Humidity (%) RH: 10 – 90 percent RH
Dimension and WeightPackage weight: 0.400 KG
Package size (L x W x H): 16.000 x 15.000 x 6.000 cm / 6.299 x 5.906 x 2.362 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x 720P Wireless IP Camera, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Bracket, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Mounting Screws

23 Comments on “Sricam SP009 Wifi IP CCTV Security Camera”

  1. Can I monitor this cam [sp009} from another location, like on a different wifi network at a different address ?

  2. Why i canno access the camera when i am outside the wifi coverage area. I tried viewing using data connection but unsuccessfull.

  3. This camera puzzles me. How does the iPhone App talk to the camera to send it your WiFi password? At this point the camera isn’t part of your WiFi network so how do they talk? (Bluetooth?).

    I’m not comfortable with having to sign up for an account (online) before getting access to the camera.

    There are no instructions on how to access Scricam SP009A remotely outside of your WiFi network.

    I have connected the App to the cam after connecting through a VPN and I have connected the cam to my Blue Iris server (on the local network) which in turn is available remotely (after port forwarding or VPN). Non of these options are ‘easy’ routes for the average user.

    I get the impression that the cam is talking to the manufacturers server and you can go through their website to get remote access to the stream. Can the manufacturer get access to the image?

    Get in touch with me if you have any answers.

    1. Hi there, not sure if you still need an answer but here we go.
      You don’t need instructions to view the Sricam outside your home WiFi network. Perform the setup as described in the Quick User Guide. Make sure your smartphone is on the 2.4 setting of your router if you also have the 5G band. Be as close as possible to the router with both the Sricam and your phone during this setup. Afterwards it’s fine to go back to the 5G band. The Sricam only works on 2.4
      Somehow the Sricam internally deals with the port forwarding since there is no need to make this setting on your router. I can view my cam on my mobile data as well as a different WiFi network.

      1. Hey Sjaak, thanks for the reply.

        After speaking to the manufacturer I can confirm that they use their own “secret” technology to transmit the WiFi password to the camera so it can then join the network. Clever stuff!

        Also, it wasn’t hole punching for me through my router at first. They confirmed they they are running a “middle-ware” server to allow the camera to talk to and then pass the data back.

        I found you can access other peoples camera just by changing the ID number in the app! So anyone reading this needs to ensure they change the admin password!

        Cheers 🙂

        1. Hey Richard,

          You also thanks for replying. I have been trying with the supplier’s helpdesk to figure out a few things but I am done with that.

          “Middle-ware” server sounds a bit scary to me since apperently this equipment can bypass my router just like that to communicate with the camera, correct?
          Actually I have tried it immediately with my friend, both being elswhere than on our own respective local NW. I have used his camera ID and default PWD and correct, there is the image. So we both changed our admin PWDs right away. Thanks for the advise, something which the manufacturer should have stressed in the quick user guide.

          So how scary is this middle-ware server?

          Do you happen to know which port is being used for the camera?
          I am still looking for a proper working PC tool to monitor the camera’s while at home, dog sitting for your information. For most of them you need the port.
          I have used Sricam_CMS and Sricam Device Manager but they more often show no camera than providing an image. I have also used ONVIF Device Manager but this seems to initiate some trouble with the motion detector, a constant false alarm.
 seems to work fine but this is IE kernel only and 1 camera at the time.


  4. I bought siricam mini ip SP 009. I follow instructions, but when i need to connect to wi fi i got error. “network busy”. I tried 100 times. I tried the “QR CODE way” and it doesnt work at all. I checked SSID and WiFi password and it’s correct. The Siri cam is on. I reset it without problems. The mobile phone is an Android and it’s connected to the same wi-fi while I’m doing the connection. I really, don’t know what more to do.

      1. Same question as above, have tried with android tablet and iPhone and have the same message !

        1. Hi there, have you read my earlier reply about the router? Using the 2.4 instead of 5G band. If you do not change your device to use 2.4G it won’t work.

  5. I am clearly tech-challenged and hoping somebody can help me. I bought my ip cam from a friend and I can’t set it up as it keeps saying “original password error”. I’ve reset the camera a few times and this doesn’t fix the problem. The password I’m using is the one on the camera 888888. Hope somebody can help me please

  6. I purchased SP018 yesterday, superb Quality of Picture, recorded mp4 is too good. Can any one here guide me how to set motion detector alarms??

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