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A great summer promotion is happening at Gearbest. For just 5 days – until June 26 – you can get a lot of product with big deals. Find your RC quadcopter drone, active wear or toy.

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Let’s see some of the deals in the RC category:

  • Cheerson CX-10w is the smallest FPV drone, it is even smaller than a child’s hand! And still it flyes very well with lot of amusement for the pilot, even the one with no flying skills. It is as small as full of technology! It has WIFI control function and it comes with a 0.3 mega-pixel 720p camera that can trasmit live to your phone what is seeing (FPV). It is a brand new version, an upgrade of the previous Cheerson CX-10, with new features like wifi, FPV camera, and the controlling system, no more a small RC but your own phone. The CX-10W can be controlled via an APP that you can install on your Android or iOS smartphone. It creates a WiFi hotspot of its own that you can connect to using your smartphone. Your phone can now be used as an FPV monitor as well as a controller. Getting used to controlling the drone via your phone’s motion sensor takes a while, but can be a lot of fun, especially during parties and such. And it can make funny 3d flips just pressing a button! Read the Cheerson CX-10W review.
  • DM007 is a 2.4G 4CH LCD RC quadcopter with High definition 5.0MP camera that allows you to record the beautiful views from the sky angle. It has a 2.4Ghz 4 channels transmitter with trimmer. Strong anti – interference performance ensures long distance control It features a 6 – axis gyro for stable flights, strong stability, easily implement various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control. 2.4G technology adopted for anti-interference, more copters fly at the same time can not interfere with each other. Agile and precise 360 degree eversion for different directions such as forward, backward, left, right. 2 flight speed modes (low / fast ) for both beginners and experts. With cool night light, perfect for night flight. Ready to fly indoor and outdoo – Just 29.99$.
  • Tarantula Spider N.1505, nano drone with 6 axis gyro chip, providing best stability during indoor and outdoor flight. A 2.4GHz control system that ensures the stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal. Equipped with a highlight LED lights, that make it more dazzle beautiful and colorful night light. It features a attractive headless mode, completely solving pilot “loss of orientation” problems. It has a one press automatic return, that ensures that you can call back your quadcopter without any delay. 360 degrees / 3D rollover: Professional cool and exquisite flight action. Trim: Movements Trimming could trim the quadcopter doing left / right / forward / backward / sideward flight adjustments. It can be equipped FPV system, but need extra purchase – Just 21.99$.
  • JJRC H22 3D is a RC Quadcopter, with Double Side, Headless Mode completely solving pilot “loss of orientation” problems, 360 Degree Rollover, 3D Inverted Flight for professional cool and exquisite flight action, One Key to Return that ensures that you can call back your quadcopter without any delay – Just 9.99$.
  • JJRC H8D is a quadcopter drone with 5.8G FPV real time image transmission allows you to enjoy the views more convenient, 2.4GHz control system that ensures the stronger anti-interference performance and powerful signal. It is equipped with HD 2MP HD camera, to capture and record every unforgettable moment. It can perform 360 degrees 3D eversion, professional cool and excellent flight action. Slightly press the 3D mode key, ascending the quad copter to 2 meters high, and then push the right operation level to the bottom at any direction, the quad copter will roll over for you. It features a 6 axis gyro providing the awesome stability during indoor and outdoor flight. Four powerful operation mode meet different player’s need, included two kind of left hand accelerators and two kind of right hand accelerators. With CF mode it can come back easily in any direction. It features one press automatic return, you will never be worry about missing it. Optional headless return mode: Headless return mode is easy to enter or exit, so your can play many tricks with this quadcopter. Designed with colorful LED light, suitable for flying in the dark at night. Boundless speed variable, this key could adjust the speed of the side fly and forward / backward at your will. Re-adjust the median size to improve the quadcopter’s suspending condition, then your quadcopter will not suspending or deviating too much. Large capacity battery easy to charge and repalcement, meeting your long flight experience needs without the worry of battery power shortage. Low power security warning: When the battery is insufficient, the led light would turn from constant lighten to flashing. It will largely reduce the possibility of your quadcopter descending on a further or insecure zone – Just 79.99$.


  • Syma X8HG is a new quadcopter drone with FPV capabilities for real time trasmission of video and photos, shot with an included 720P HD camera with a 8MP sensor. It features a 6 axis gyro for more stable flight and to be stronger in the wind, Barometer to set and keep height, 2.4GHz 4 Channel transmission, 360 Degree Flip button. All of these for just 99.99$. It comes ready to fly and record, and is very easy to control, so it’s perfect for beginners and for indoor flights, thanks to it’s blade protectors. Read the Syma X8HG review.
  • Hubsan H501S X4 is a brand new 5.8G FPV drone with brushless motors. It’s a quadcopter with a lot of advanced features, like a 1080p HD camera, GPS and sensors that allow the Automatic Return to Home, the Altitude Mode, the Follow Me mode. It can reach 300m and has a pretty good flight time of 18-20 minutes. It also have a 5.8G FPV Real-time Video Transmission, to watch live what the drone is seeing and recording directly on the RC. Read the Hubsan H501S X4 review.
  • Hubsan H109S X4 PRO is a quadcopter drone with 1080p HD camera with 1-axis gymbal and FPV real time trasmission of photos and videos. You can change the angle of FOV. It also has GPS, it means it can hold position and hover, making the flight more accurate and safer, and allowing the drone to go back to the position from where it took off when it loses control or the radio signal. It also features a 6-axis gyro for strong stability, stronger wind resistance, easier control. It has one key take-off and landing, so even not expert pilots can enjoy the experience of flying a drone without worrying of taking-off and landing, events that can be critic for newbies. And also if the pilot lose the drone in the sky, or isn’t able to make it come back because he lost orientation, the drone will come back automatically with the automatic return function. It has a battery with large capacity that allows a long flight time of 25-40 minutes. Read the Hubsan H109S X4 PRO review.
  • Cheerson CX-10 is the smallest quadcopter in the world, much smaller than a hand, and probably the cheapest, as it costs just 16.99$ at Gearbest. It is very tiny and looks cool! It has a compact form with a solid body and short propellers. There are many models that have tried to dominate the Nano sized Quadcopter market but none have been as successful as this fabulous flying machine. It’s a great gift for children or friends who are new to RC toys. It can do automatic 3D amazing flipping stunts. It can fly indoor and outdoor. It has flexible propellers that won’t hurt. During the flight it’s really stable and precise. Read the Cheerson CX-10 review.


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You can find also some deals in the toy category, like the new Xiaomi MiPad, a transformable Robot model, or the action figure of Iron Man, the seven dragon balls stars crystal balls, 500 water baloons, water guns, cute backpacks, solar walking dinosaurs and more.


Finally, you can get new active wear or training gear, just click on the button below.

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