Walkera Runner 250 Upgraded Quadcopter review


Walkera Runner 250 is a nice quadcopter with brushless motors, made for racing flights or just for amusement. It is very fast and performing, so it’srecommended for quadcopters experts looking for speed and not for newbies.

It weights 530g battery included and can fly up to 14 minutes.

This is the upgraded version with these features:
• Double Antenna Receiver
• Tall Mushroom Antenna
• 2500KV Motor Set


The basic package costs just 189.99$ from the EU wharehouse.

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This drone is perfect for racing and not for newbies. This is a new type of amusement, and needs drones built for this purpose. Until now people who wanted racing drones had to build their own, so this segment was not for everyone. With this drone everybody can enjoy a race, even in FPV buying the more expensive FPV version.

It has a camera included:

Resolution: 800TVL
System Commitee: PAL / NTSC
Output Power: 1.0Vp – p / 75Ω
Input Power: DC 12V

This model is suited for flyers who have a decent amount of experience with smaller models and at the very least are comfortable flying in angle (self leveling) mode.  While it can certainly carry a small (Mobius, RunCam) video camera, this is NOT a camera drone.  These drones typically trade off flight time and ease of use for speed and performance.

It does not have a GPS, thus will  not hover in place without constant adjustment from the operator.  In short, this is not for an absolute beginner.  Despite their small size these drones are fast and powerful, and can be a handful to fly for somebody with little to no flight experience.  This model is targeted toward somebody who has some flying experience under his belt, is interested in racing or proximity FPV, and is looking for something that’s ready to fly.

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First class racing fun with options for several different and finely tuned flight enviroments on the runner 250
Experience extreme speed,high efficiency and the wide variety of pitch,yawl and flip movements at your dingertips.

  • HD camera
  • Real-time image transmission
  • Super resistance
  • Carbon fiber structure
  • Simple to disassemble and re-assemble

The remote controller uses advanced wireless transmission technology, which makes the runner 250 (R) signal stable and delivers an extra-long remote control distance.

The FPV version has 5.8G real time image transmission.

While flying the runner 250 advance with goggle 2 FPV at high speed; you can obtain real time OSD which display: batterys level, flying attitude, direction and altitude.


Modular design

An ingenious design layout makes module access and maintenance fast and easy.
This modular layout, protected by a strong carbon fiber structure, increases its durability.

Buzzer design

When the flight signal is lost or dropped suddenly, the buzzer will sound automatically.
Will help users to find quadcopter easily.

Intelligent direction warning lamp design

When the racing drone turns left or turns right during flight,
the left or right lamp flashes accordingly.
To help avoid collisions

HD camera

Its high definition, crystal clear picture and lack of delay allows yo to
see even the small details and will support clear viewing even in low light or wet conditions
TVL:800TVL System mode:PAL/NTSC Video output:1.0Vp-p/75Ω Power Input:DC 12V

Detailed Design

From the beginning of the design process for Runner 250 our designers and
engineers have paid close attention to every minute detail throughout each step of the production process,
the runner 250 has been thoroughly checked to ensure that every finished product is in perfect condition.


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Walkera Runner 250 Drone included four different kinds of package as following description, please click the link to enter the website purchase page.

Basic 1 Package:

1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x Charger (EU and US Optional), 1 x DEVO 7 Transmitter, 1 x Battery
Basic 1 Package

  Basic 1 Package on GearBest

Basic 2 Package:

1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x Charger (EU and US Optional), 1 x DEVO 7 Transmitter, 1 x Battery, 1 x HD Camera, 1 x Image Transmission Module
Basic 2 Package

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Basic 3 Package:

1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x Charger (EU and US Optional), 1 x DEVO 7 Transmitter, 1 x Battery, 1 x HD Camera, 1 x Image Transmission Module, 1 x OSD
Basic 3 Package

Basic 3 Package on GearBest

FPV Version:

1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x Charger (EU and US Optional), 1 x DEVO 7 Transmitter, 1 x Battery, 1 x HD Camera, 1 x Image Transmission Module, 1 x OSD, 1 x Goggle 2 Glasses

FPV Version Package

FPV version on GearBest

Walkera_runner_250_3 Walkera_runner_250_4 Walkera_runner_250_6

Walkera_runner_250_7 Walkera_runner_250_8 Walkera_runner_250_9



GeneralBrand: Walkera
Type: RC Simulators
Features: Radio Control
Dimension and WeightPackage Weight : 2.500 kg
Package Size (L x W x H) : 47.5 x 29.5 x 13.5 cm / 18.67 x 11.59 x 5.31 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x RC Quadcopter, 1 x EU Plug Charger, 1 x DEVO 7 Transmitter, 1 x Battery

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