Xiaomi AMAZFIT overview

Xiaomi Amazfit

Xiaomi AMAZFIT is a brand new Bluetooth 4.0 Sports Smart Watch with Heart Rate Monitor, GPS that can perform extremely precise Real-time Track Record made by Hua Mi in cooperation with Xiaomi.

It features a dual core 1.2Ghz processor with 512mb RAM, 4GB of internal space, and it has 300*300 screen resolution, 280mAh battery, IP67 certification, waterproof, dustproof, bluetooth 4.0 and WIFI connection.

According to Mi official, Amazfit sport watch can reach 35 hours of activity, even opening GPS and heart rate sensor, which is the first smartwatch to finish 100 km race with GPS function on. If you use it normally, running half an hour every day and with notification reminder active, it can reach 5 days, and if you use it as a common watch and pedometer it will reach 11-12 days.

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Xiaomi Amazfit 2

Xiaomi once again cooperated with Hua mi for this new smart watch and the result is Huami Amazfit Smartwatch. Huami is a Xiaomi-backed company mostly in the way of financing, it’s Xiaomi’s partner responsible for the Mi Band.

Hua mi smartwatch can display in the whole day without locking, it shows bright under the sun, it supports one key to lock in case of touching accidentally. It also supports alipay payment, and can have many notifications such as phone call, whatsapp, weather, messages, etc.

Xiaomi Amazfit 3

Amazfit features Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Wi-Fi, a 28 nm GPS, a heart rate sensor, and NFC. It doesn’t run Android Wear, Google’s smartwatch operating system, but instead pairs with the Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app on Android and iOS in order to deliver much the same functionality. The App sends to the smartwatch incoming messages, whatsapp notifications, social media, texts, calls, and reminders.

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This smartwatch is equipped with double color wristbands for anti-sweat and easy to tear down, it has two colors, red outside black inside and black outside red inside.

Xiaomi Amazfit 4

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