Xiaomi Xiao Yi WiFi HD Camera Night Vision Review


Xiaomi Yi Night Vision Overview

Xiaomi Xiao Yi Night Vision Camera is a multi purpose ip camera. It can be used as a security cam or as a baby monitor. It has wifi, and can connect to your Wifi lan, so with a cell phone and the dedicated app you can see what’s happening in front of the camera via wifi.

Even when you’re outside, you can see what’s happening inside your home connecting to the Xiaomi Camera with just a phone or a tablet, and the Yi Home App. Put the camera into your children’s bedroom and control them playing or sleeping, put it into the living room to control if your grandma is ok, or to see if someone enters into your home when you are out.Xiaomi_Yi_Night_Vision_Review5

It records 720p @ 24fps videos, with wide aperture lens for large field of view, in a microsd card, for future playbacks of pictures and videos. You can also take pictures or videos from your phone, using the app, and it will record them directly in your phone.

It has a built-in microphone and a speaker for a 2-way communication. With the app you can record a vocal message from your phone and send it to the Xiaomi Camera, whoever is near the cam will hear your message, and if they speak you can hear what they’re saying. Useful to calm kids, or to alarm intruders in your home, or to communicate with people who can’t use a cellphone.

It is equipped with Infrared night vision, so you can see with xiaomi’s eyes even when it’s dark. You can see your baby sleeping, or if your home is safe and no one is in.

A nice feature is motion detection: when the cam detects a movement in front of it, it starts recording. So if someone enters into your home, the Xiaomi won’t miss it, even if it’s dark. You can also set alerts so that if the camera detects movement it sends alarms directly to your phone.

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Setting up the camera

Let’s see how to set up the Xiaomi Yi Night Vision camera. In the instruction sheet you can find a QR code, scan it with your phone and it will download the Yi Home application. Open the App, skip the first screen, then click on the “+” button to add your camera. Then plug-in your camera to the power supply so that it gets power and wait until the phone pairs with the camera. Then you can choose the QR code method, insert your home wifi password, wait untill a QR code appears in your phone and point it to the Xiaomi Camera, so that it can scan the code. The Led of xiaomi camera will turn blue and then you can connect to your surveillance camera and see live what’s happening in front of it.

If you are getting problems configuring the cam, you can just watch the video at the end of next paragraph.


How it works

Now that we setup the camera in our wifi Lan, we can access to it even with 4G connection. So we don’t need wifi, and can access to it wherever we are. You can see it explained in the video at the end of this paragraph. With the app, you can setup multiple cameras and watch simultaneously what they’re recording.


The lens has a wide angle, so you can see a large field of view, and see a big portion of the space in front of the camera. You can also zoom in up to 4X to see better what’s happening, to do that you just need to use your fingers on the app, as you would usually zoom a picture.

Using the App you can shoot pictures or start recording a video in your phone or in your camera – just remember to insert a micro sd card in your xiaomi yi camera to do that-, and you can also mute or unmute the camera.


If you press the microphone icon on the right, you can record a vocal message, and it will be sent to the camera, that will playback it. In this way you could also conversate with someone who’s near the camera!

From the app you can chose to turn on or off the status led when the camera is on, i.e. if you use it in surveillance mode it is suggested to let it off.

You can set up Activity Alerts, so that if the camera detects movements, it will send alerts to the app, that will notify them to you.


The infrared recording works very well, and you can clearly see what’s happening in the room where you position the camera, even with no light at all!

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Xiaomi_Yi_Night_Vision_Review9 Xiaomi_Yi_Night_Vision_Review10




Get it on GearBest for 33$

If you use the coupon code XMIPCAM it will cost 28.77$


GeneralModel: Xiaomi XiaoYi
Shape: Mini Camera
Color: White
Technical Feature : Other
IP camera performance : Real-time video capture and recording
NetworkProtocol: IP
Wireless: WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
System and Hardware InfoMobile Access: iPhone OS,Android
Local-storage: Micro SD card up to 32GB
Video Image AudioImage Sensor : CMOS
Pixels: 1000000 pixel
Resolution: 320 x 240,1280 x 720,640 x 480
Audio Input: Built-in mic.
Night VisionInfrared LED: 8 pcs 940nm
Dimension and WeightProduct weight: 0.260 kg
Package weight: 0.289 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 11.500 x 8.000 x 3.000 cm / 4.528 x 3.150 x 1.181 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 26.500 x 11.000 x 6.000 cm / 10.433 x 4.331 x 2.362 inches
Package ContentsPackage Contents: 1 x Xiaomi XiaoYi 720P HD Smart WiFi IP Camera, 1 x USB Cable

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  1. I bought this security camera last April and im happy for this gadget. I can monitor my home from my work. It’s Super easy to use!

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