ZEROTECH DOBBY Mini Selfie Quadcopter review


Dobby is a new small drone perfect for aerial selfies! It has a superb 4K videocamera and 13MP camera for perfect shots from top. In 3 seconds it is ready to fly and take great pictures with the professional Do.Fun APP, which gives you a perfect experience of all functions like: face recognition, target following, one key beauty, one key to share, one key taking off, tap to taking off, voice control, gravity sense control.

It also supports FPV for real time trasmission of what the drone is recording or photographing. It features a 6 Axis Gyro for better flying stability,  GPS for better positioning, flight path and return to home. It also features a Snapdragon Soc processor.

It has a  7.6V 970mAh LiPo 2S battery for a light weight of 199g and this dimensions: 135x65x34mm when folded, 135x145x34 when unfolded.

Available @ Gearbest

Zerotech Dobby overview


ZEROTECH Dobby can meet the needs to take videos outdoor. It uses Snapdrogan801 Soc, Quad core 2.3GHz CPU, Adreno 330 GPU to meet the needs to fly automatically. Dobby can use smartphone to replace remote controller connecting with wifi, users can control the drone by smartphone app like Parrot Bebop UAV.

Thanks to Snapdragon801 processor, Dobby can also support voice manipulation and gesture recognition,face recognition, and target following flight. As a micro UAV, Dobby remote distance is not so long, but it’s enough to use. The maximum remote distance is up to 100 meters without signal problem. As for flying performance, ZEROTECH as one of the most famous UAV companies, flight control algorithm is very reliable. Dobby like most mainstream consumer aerial drones has GPS and GLONASS dual-mode positioning. When GPS is not able to use, it can use in optical flow and ultrasonic sensors at the bottom of the fuselage to locate.

DOBBY takes professionally developed flight control, electronic image stabilization, computer vision, image transmission etc. systems and integrates them into the Qualcomm Snapdragon™.


ZeroTech has developed a triaxial electronic image stabilization system to output stable image. The lens can be in the vertical downward rotation between 90 ° and 22.5 ° upward.

Camera features:

  • 13 million pixels, 1/3.06 of an inch CMOS, FOV is about 75 °
  • F / 2.2 aperture, focus at infinity
  • Photo maximum resolution of 4208 x 3120
  • ISO range of 100-3200
  • video resolution 4k@30 FPS or 1080p@30 FPS
  • Built-in 16gb storage capacity

In addition to the single photograph, delay taking pictures, multi-pictures taking, and other necessary shooting modes, it supports automatic beautification and track short video shooting in 10 seconds automatically, which can be considered a nice selfie device.


Dobby has 970mAh replaceable battery, (7.37 Wh energy rating), which can support 9 minutes flying time. Meanwhile, it is powered by Snapdragon801 Soc, so we can charge fast by USB C port of the power bank.


This is the first drone that can hide in a pocket! It’s as big as a 5.5″ smartphone. Just unfold it, press 3 times on it’s top and it will fly.

Available @ Gearbest

Zerotech Dobby features

Take off

Just unfold it, take it in your hand, press 3 times on it’s top and it will fly right from your hand. You can even make it take off with voice control.

Aside from the traditional single button ‘take-off/landing’ control there is also the ‘pet’ style operation mode. You can use three different methods to initiate take-off:

  • voice control
  • patting DOBBY
  • the throw-and-fly method, instantly making you the center of attention

And it can even do flips and then hover firmly in the air!

But don’t worry, to pilot Dobby is very easy, and even beginners can learn it easily with dobby’s tutorial, training newbees to master in 5 minutes.


You can control the drone simply touching your smartphone screen.

But it also have a gravity sense control, so you just need to tilt your phone to control Dobby.


Say goodbye to traditional gimbals and be the first to use the world leading digital 3-axis stabilizing technology which is both compact and equipped with anti-shake technology.

GPS + Wifi

Dobby features a built-in Gps + Glonass system. Dual satellites ensures location precision, and stability in case of wind. It also features a dual-frequency Wifi connection with good anti-interference performance.

GPS+GLONASS Dual satellite navigation guarantees rapid positioning during outdoor flight. It can withstand wind speeds up to 28km/h*

It is able to hover accurately both indoors and outdoors.

2.4GHz/5GHz Dual band Wi-Fi, so you need not worry about interference.

GPS also allows to define a path, and Dobby will go where you order it to go!

Available @ Gearbest


  • 3-Axis Electronic image stabilization: Digital 3-axis stabilizer offsets any movement from flight helping you create smooth and steady videos
  • Gesture-Based Interaction: Control DOBBY’s flight path by waving your arm – it will follow the direction of your arm’s movements

  • Face Track: Face Track algorithm can scan and remember the face feathur quickly and locks onto the target

  • FOLLOW SNAP 2.0: FOLLOW SNAP 2.0 technology can follow and film moving people or objects

Shoot modes

Allows single-shot photos, burst shots and timed photos

Synchronize pictures with your phone

Available @ Gearbest

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  1. Snapdragon processor and 13MP 4k camera, pocket, face recognition and voice control, obstacle detector..innovative features for a quadcopter of that size, ideal for selfies. Sin that it can reach only 100 meters of range because it have wifi signal transmission and that have 9 minutes of flight time, however enough for what it was designed to do. It can be defined an intelligent drone 🙂 It can be used in mountain up to a maximum height of 3000 meters thanks to the pressure sensor. As you posted it Is interesting the price for which it is offered from Gearbest. The lower in the market

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